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Why Do You Need 5G Internet At Home?

The Need for 5G Explained

The Fifth Generation, 5G mobile broadband is the game-changing cellular network capable to deliver blazing fast internet. But we are already on 4G internet, and it does more than enough. So it begs the question, Why do you need 5G internet at all? Here in this post, we will explore the need for 5G Internet at home in detail. Keep reading.

Our houses today have become a tech hub these days. We have welcomed all sorts of gadgets. Smartphones and tablets, LED TV, Smart Set-Top box, 5.1 music system, gaming console. To use the cliché, our house is now a Smart Home. You might say that you already have a 5G connection at home in Nepal but you are wrong, clear your confusion about 5G Internet Vs 5GHz Wifi.

But all these gadgets will not be complete without a stable internet connection. Let’s say the internet completes our house because it connects all those gadgets of our houses.

For internet connection, most of the consumers use Wi-Fi. And the problem is Wi-Fi today has caught up with time. It is outdated and falls behind when it comes to providing an uninterrupted stable connection. Wi-Fi satisfied our demands a few years back but in today’s era of 4K and 8K multimedia, Wi-Fi connection doesn’t hold water. It had its time.

Our houses are crowded with all these super gadgets, and they require a consistent and steady performance from an internet source. It is not convenient that Wi-Fi doesn’t let us interact with our smart devices even for a few seconds.

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Smart Home

Our house is not a traditional residence with a telephone and cable on a CRT unit. Today smart devices have dominated our houses. With the introduction of Alexa, and Google Assistant, we can simply send commands and those digital assistants will execute them. From calling someone to playing music, it’s all done wireless. Our houses are transformed into Smart homes using connected IoT devices.

Adding further, we can avail ourselves of a more intuitive smart home experience through AR/VR devices. One can wear AR glasses to get real-life 3D instructions on how to assemble a piece of new furniture or using VR to see your doctor without needing to leave the house.  

From AR/VR experience to operating a car from your house, or even performing a surgery, 5G is full of potentials.

Wi-Fi Limitations

With those smart gadgets powering our houses, internet demand has also soared. All the gadgets are connected to the same Wi-Fi connection. Family members are dispersed around the house and are interacting simultaneously.

All devices receive commands, and you expect them to respond instantly. But Wi-Fi is not capable to deliver the seamless connectivity that we wish for. It is simply not the solution for the internet these days and in the coming future for our home. Find how to improve the Wifi internet Speed in Nepal.

5G: The Ultimate Solution for All

The fifth-generation cellular broadband is unreal fast. Theoretically, 5G can top a behemoth 10 Gbps. While the current 4G clocks a mere 100 Mbps. For households, 5G is the best ally for our Smart homes. Find how 5G is better than 4G in this comparison post.

We are accustomed to Wi-Fi lags, fluctuation, high ping, and latency affecting our connectivity and service experience. With 5G internet, these issues are sorted once and for all. 5G enables Gbps capable connection among multiples devices concurrently with instant response times. A dozen or far more devices could have a perfect internet interaction with stable output.

Whether you are downloading a large size file, streaming 4K video, or streaming audio, or playing a game on the console, 5G would easily handle all with a breeze. So, your internet connection reliability is no more questionable.

Low Latency Means Instant Response

Suppose you are playing a game namely PUBG. You are closing in on your enemy, you are launching your stealth attack. Right then the enemy catches your step, turn around. You shoot at it but your Wi-Fi’s high latency doesn’t take your input, and you are dead. 5G offers a slim to none latency hence a seamless response from user to the server.

5G’s rids you of latency issues and enables you to enjoy your internet interaction on the go without any lag. You can relax and play along your smart devices and enjoy rapid response. It is not just about luxury, it is about convenience and a peace of mind.

Traditionally Smart home devices depended on Wi-Fi protocols, but it had its shortcoming. The devices would not interact simultaneously. Again, the connection instability was another drawback.

With 5G however, technology reaches its optimum. All the devices can not only connect seamlessly, also interact and react instantly. It fulfills the demands for a comprehensive Smart home eco-system.

5G also rids households of a wired connection and the troubles that come with it. The advantage is also to those in remote areas who can enjoy ultra-fast internet connection far away from cities without any wired infrastructure which is hassle-free and easy. Check out if 5G network is coming any soon to Nepal.

5G internet

Verdict on 5G Internet at Home

As obvious as it is, no one will argue against 5G’s internet delivery capacity. It is blazing fast and is the next big thing in mobile broadband. It is a huge leapfrog over the current 4G technology. With 5G’s inception, technology will usher in a new era of smart connectivity and interaction.

A potential 10 Gbps speed means our smart home experience will reach a new level of comfort and convenience. You will be able to enjoy the maximum speed with minimum latency and our internet capacity will increase multi-fold with 5G internet at home.

5G internet is a near-future reality that will change the way we perform activities online. More and more Flagship and mid-ranger phones are already equipped with 5G connectivity. Therefore, it will be sooner than later that 5G will become the norm everywhere, and you will have blazing fast internet connecting our Smart homes.

Tell us what do you think of the need for 5G internet at your home, in the comment box below.

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