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Possible Reasons NTC’s VoLTE Is Not Working On Your Phone

Find out the reasons why NTC’s VoLTE is not working on your Phone and its possible solutions.

NTC launched its much anticipated VoLTE service last Monday to a wide public elation. Just under three days, it has amassed more than 10,000 subscribers. But the service is available on select devices as it requires several compatibility factors. As a result, many are left out of this service.

There are multiple factors that might have caused the users’ inability to activate the service on their devices. For instance, VoLTE is an extension of the 4G LTE which allows high-quality voice/video calls and high-speed data over the 4G network. That means, if you are not on the 4G network in the first place, then VoLTE won’t work.

Besides having 4G hardware on the phone, it must also have support for VoLTE. More specifically they should have the updated software to support NTC’s VoLTE requirements. So, having VoLTE support in your Phone’s specs sheet does not guarantee you to get VoLTE from Ntc. The smartphone manufacturers have to render their device software fully compatible with NTC VoLTE. For which Ntc and the phone manufacturers/distributors are coordinating.

Most users also tend to be unaware that they must be on a 4G network to utilize VoLTE. If they are on a 3G or 2G network, VoLTE will not work as it requires the 4G network beforehand.

Now we will explore other key reasons that might be keeping you out of VoLTE. This may as well help you out to gain access to VoLTE on your device.

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Wrong Info About India Manufactured Phones

The launch of VoLTE was met by ill-informed news from the elite portal that devices imported from India & Made there would not be VoLTE compatible citing the 4G band support. The misinformation did cause a nuisance to NTC users. However, the report was soon debunked as NTC subscribers themselves tried VoLTE on their Made in India devices and found out that they were fully functional.

Indian variant volte support claim

Yes, the truth is VoLTE should work regardless of the 4G band compatibility that means Ntc has based its VoLTE on both the 4G bands: Band 3 and Band 20.

Possible Reasons

The key is your device must be compatible to support VoLTE. Still, there is a large circulation of the only 3G-supported handsets. If your device does not have 4G compatibility, then you are out of luck. VoLTE is not going to work and you may need a new device with the supported hardware and software upgrade.

Dialing Wrong Code

Many users have had trouble with the USSD Dialing Code to toggle the service. NTC has assigned USSD *444# to its users to subscribe to the VoLTE service. But this only lets users subscribe to the VoLTE network, whether VoLTE is supported on their device or not.

Once you are confirmed that VoLTE is supported on your device, dial *111# or call 1444 which will enable the free promotional 100 minutes VoLTE pack on your phone and enable the service.

Caution: After dialing *444#, users can confirm whether VoLTE is supported on their device or not by activating it. After that, they must go to their phones’ network setting option and choose Use VoLTE or Enhanced LTE mode (in Nokia). This will show the VoLTE icon on the top bar of your screen near the signal sign. Only then, they should proceed with *111# or dial 1444 IVR to get the free 100 mins Volte pack. However, many have skipped going into their phone’s setting in the middle which has returned them error on their settings such as below.

USSD error Volte

Incompatible Smartphone

Down below, we have the list of smartphones that are compatible with NTC’s VoLTE, which is published by Nepal Telecom itself. There could be few more devices with VoLTE but the devices in the list are guaranteed to work as they are tested both by NTC and the smartphone companies.

Incompatible Software

Even if you have a compatible smartphone you may not be able to get VoLTE on your settings. It is because you might not have updated your phone to the latest software customized to support the service. Then there are phones from abroad and with regional software, there is no confirmation that it will work on those devices.

Android communities are also known for flashing custom firmware and modifying their system settings. In this, the possibility of NTC’s VoLTE working shrinks further.

Despite all the compatibilities in place, there are some complaints that they are not able to get VoLTE to work on their smartphones. It could be due to the missteps they took in dialing the USSD code as mentioned above.

Volte settings on Samsung Phone

First, you need to be sure to check if your phone supports Ntc Volte for which you need to confirm the two ticks.

  • Check the VoLTE option on your phone settings when you have Ntc SIM on it. If you can find the Volte option and turn it on, then your phone is compatible with Ntc SIM.
  • If you have a compatible smartphone and do find the Volte option, please check if you have the latest software or update it to the latest one if available. This will ensure to have the best performance of your device for many features including VoLTE. For instance, some people are reporting to have problems with video calls, which we assume to be solved with future updates.

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Steps to activate VoLTE on your SIM

Given that your device and SIM card both are 4G supported and have software compatibility to support NTC’s VoLTE, then you can follow the steps below that will give you access to VoLTE on your device.

  1. First, enter *444# and dial.
  2. It draws options: Activate 4G/activate VoLTE/Deactivate VoLTE.
  3. Enter 2 and proceed. It activates VoLTE on your SIM.
  4. Now go to the phone’s Settings -> Mobile Networks -> Turn on VoLTE calls. (The steps are subject to minor differences depending on devices).
Activate VoLTE Ntc

That’s it. Now you have got VoLTE up and running on your phone. With this service, you can enjoy HD voice calls over a 4G network without bothering about falling back to 3G or 2G.

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VoLTE Supported Handsets

Currently, NTC’s VoLTE is available to select handsets for now. Devices need 4G compatible hardware as well as custom software for NTC’s VoLTE. That is why the telco is working with manufacturers to roll out software patches to their devices so that NTC users could activate the service soon. Let’s hope more devices will receive the software updates without much delay.

Currently, some models Samsung, Xiaomi, and Nokia devices have the required configurations for NTC’s VolTE service. There could be more devices including from other brands as well with compatibility but these are tried and tested by NTC itself.

Below is the list of all the devices with support for VoLTE. You can also check it to confirm whether your device has the default requirements for it or not.

Phone BrandNtc VoLTE compatible phones
SamsungM Series: Galaxy M01s, Galaxy M02, Galaxy M02s,
Galaxy M11, Galaxy M12, Galaxy M21, Galaxy M30s, Galaxy M31
A Series: Galaxy A12, Galaxy A51, Galaxy A52, Galaxy A70, Galaxy A70s, Galaxy A71, Galaxy A72
Note Series: Galaxy Note 10 Lite, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note 10+, Galaxy Note 20, Note 20 Ultra
S Series: Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S20,
Galaxy S20+, Galaxy S20 ultra, Galaxy S20 FE, Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, Galaxy S21 Ultra
Z Fold: Galaxy Z Fold2
XiaomiRedmi: Redmi 8A, Redmi Note 9 Pro, Redmi Note 9, Redmi Note 7 Pro, Redmi Note 10 Pro, Redmi 9C, Redmi 9A, Redmi 9 Prime, Redmi 8, Redmi 7
Mi: Mi Note 10 Lite, Mi 10
Poco: Poco F1
NokiaNokia 5.3, Nokia 7.2, Nokia 3.4
NTC’s VoLTE Supported Phones

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Special Activation for Xiaomi Smartphones

If your device is not on the above list of supported Xiaomi devices, don’t worry. There is a workaround to activate VoLTE on it with the carrier check disable code *#*#86583#*#*. This will help VoLTE to appear on your phone’s settings. Now click on “Use VoLTE”. Now proceed to the above steps for the subscription of VoLTE on your NTC SIM.

Although this hack works for most of the Xiaomi devices (Mi, Redmi, Poco/apart from Mediatek powered devices), it does not guarantee 100% performance. But you can still use the trick to get going with the VoLTE before it gets the official software patch from Xiaomi.

Have you activated NTC’s VoLTE on your device or faced any issues while activating? Did you find this article helpful in sorting out your case? Let us know in the comments section below.

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