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LG Demonstrates 6G Data Transmission in Terahertz Spectrum

LG has successfully demonstrated 6G data transmission in its research. Its 6G test was operated in the Terahertz spectrum which is perhaps the norm to fully unleash the sixth-gen potential. The South Korean giant’s 6G breakthrough came with the coordination with Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, a Berlin-based research firm.

LG has said their 6G test took place in Berlin last week where they oversaw a successful data transmission outdoors within the range of 100 meters. In addition, it has developed a power amplifier that will cater a stable 6G signals on the Terahertz spectrum. LG says the power amplifier has the capacity of 15-decibel milliwatts for output signal in the 155-175GHz band.

Besides, the tech giant also developed adaptive beamforming and high-gain antenna switching technologies for the sixth-generation technology. These techs will distinguish LG from the competitors and give them an edge in the race for 6G communications.

6G Race Intensifying

The 6G race has intensified over the few months. Back in July, the South Korean government laid out its plan to develop 6G infrastructures. It believes the country could launch the next-gen tech by 2028.

Samsung has also tested 6G in a lab in the Terahertz spectrum achieving a throughput of 6.2 Gbps. Similarly, Huawei projects 6G commercial deployment could happen in 2029. It even claims the 6G standardization could begin as early as 2025. While Japan and the US are also investing aggressively to take the upper hand over China.

While the world still analyzes the grounds for 5G commercialization, tech companies and equipment makers are already amplifying their 6G goals. However, both wireless techs will bring exponential data transmission at low latency and with it wide utility. 5G will have applications in telemedicine, remote surgery, self-driving cars, manufacturing sectors, etc. We can expect 6G to further grow the efficacy of 5G all across.

5G is set for a commercial launch in India in a few months while Nepal is still waiting at the behest of Nepal Telecom for trials. When we have more information on it, we will keep you updated.

Will 5G and even 6G justify their consumer launch as it is highlighted or are you content with 3G and 4G? You can share your input with us in the comments below.

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