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China Claims a New 6G Speed Record of 206.25 Gbps

A Chinese lab has created a new 6G speed record of 206.25 Gbps as the race for the next-generation mobile standard heats up.

This project was part of a government initiative in collaboration with China Mobile and Fudan University.

As per the news, a research team achieved a transmission speed of 206.25 Gbps which is by far the highest yet in the 6G tests. The team operated the test in Terahertz frequency which will be the standard spectrum for the next-generation cellular standard. The speed can further reach 100 – 1000 Gbps and replace optical fiber transmission networks for the mobile network.

Meanwhile, the test was conducted at Purple Mountain Laboratories, a state-backed Chinese institute. The chief scientist professor You Xiaohu had led the test and its website says, this was the first time such a high-speed throughput was achieved in a lab environment.

The Chinese government has pledged to make strides in telecommunications. The country has established the highest network of 5G base stations and seeks to lead the 6G race.

6G Hype Amidst 5G Expansion

6G is the successor to the current mobile communications standard 5G. However, the latter is yet to launch in many parts of the world. This is due to the high coverage and ecosystem built around the legacy networks. Abruptly shutting down 2G, 3G for 5G will keep millions out of communications services as the fifth-generation network and the compatible devices are still largely out of reach.

Besides, the states have not yet become convinced of 5G’s large-scale efficacies. There are high-band, mid-band, and low-band 5Gs with varying speed and coverage range. Finding a perfect mix has remained elusive to many. But in all this, the 6G race is already setting the tone for the next-gen cellular standard.

5G was launched for its huge speed potential with nominal latency over its predecessor, 4G. In ideal conditions, a 5G network can comfortably deliver above 1 Gbps speed. But 6G can take it up to a behemoth 1 Tbps. Both this mobile broadband will have applications from handheld devices to unmanned vehicles, AI, telehealth, etc.

China’s 6G Speed Record Far Exceeds Earlier Advances

While 5G is finding more coverage with each passing month, 6G though is limited to lab tests. The standards are not yet finalized for 6G frequencies and waveforms.

However, gear vendors expect the trials for 6G beginning as early as 2030. Chinese telecom gear vendors expect a 6G launch around 2030. Another gear vendor Ericsson sees 6G standards coming by 2027.

However, the roll-out of 5G services has been slow, with the industry still struggling to find a killer application for everyday users due to high development and deployment costs.

Back in December, South Korean company Samsung ran its lab test for 6G. Running in an end-to-end 140 GHz spectrum, it achieved a throughput of 6.2 Gbps across 15 meters. LG has also successfully achieved data transmission for 6G in Terahertz frequency across 300 feet. While the range is extremely unflattering, the technology could improve in the next few years to offer higher penetration. So far, we can just see the 6G race already heating up.

Are telecom companies getting restless in their race for next-gen standards? The 5G has not yet found a common ground for users’ applications but already there are 6G tests gaining momentum. What should be the focus of operators, faster broadband, or a more balance of performance and apt usage? Do offer your insights in the comments section below.

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