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Google Could Bring an AI Search Chatbot to Ward Off ChatGPT

Google is reportedly developing its own AI search chatbot to counter the growing influence of ChatGPT. The search giant has grappled with its own influence in recent months with ChatGPT becoming more popular every single day. Now, it’s working on several AI products to make a tangible move to lower the heat from its new competitor.

The report says that Google CEO Sundar Pichai has declared a “code red” and is working on AI search development, New York Times reported. There are suggestions that Google could unveil at least 20 AI-powered products including a chatbot for its search in 2023. We could be introduced to some of those products at its I/O conference taking play in May. We can sense the degree of the severity as Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and executives sat over several meetings to discuss its upcoming ventures with ChatGPT being a major topic, Times reported. 

To illustrate why Google is ‘panicked’, ChatGPT has been revolutionary and a threat to its internet empire. It is an immersive AI-powered chatbot service that responds to user queries with an extraordinarily-detailed content. It is so comprehensive and useful to some that some colleges have already banned it barring students from using content from it. Its growth has staggeringly soared in just a few months since its release in November 2022.

Google working on AI projects to Dispel ChatGPT Effect

The report states that Google is working on projects such as “Shopping Try-on, a wallpaper maker for the Pixel smartphone, a phone app Maya that visualizes three-dimensional shoes, and a tool that summarize videos by generating a new one,” Times reported.

Google is accelerating its product approval process and also ensuring that it’s AI products qualify as ethical. It is assessing possible risks while launching AI technologies. For its AI search chatbot launch, the company is prioritizing “getting facts right, ensuring safety, and getting rid of misinformation are priorities.” For example, Google will try to block certain words inspiring hate speech and will try to reduce other issues.

Chatbot query response
An interface from ChatGPT shows a response to a query. The online AI chatbot has taken strides in popularity since its launch just two months ago in November 2022 even becoming a major new threat to Google

It also adds that for other services, the bar is low and will “try to curb issues relating to hate and toxicity, danger and misinformation rather than preventing them.”

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“This is a moment of significant vulnerability for Google,” said D. Sivakumar, a former Google research director. “ChatGPT has put a stake in the ground. Here’s what a compelling new search experience could look like, he added.

Have you used ChatGPT yet? If you have, then don’t forget to share how you felt using it compared to using Google.

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