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How to Make the Most of Daraz 11.11 2021? Find 10 Best Tips

Daraz 11.11 2021, the greatest shopping day of the year is right on the horizon and social media is abuzz about this enthralling event. Over a million products, steep discounts, and a plethora of offers have the shoppers counting down the year’s biggest single-day sale. However, it also comes with caveats that might affect your chances of shopping. This is why we are compiling a list of tips to help you make the most of Daraz 11.11 2021.

Alibaba, the parent company of Daraz itself celebrates the Single Day sale with staggering records set every year. Daraz, its subsidiary has also begun a similar event in countries it operates under the same title. This is the 4th edition of the Daraz 11.11 event in Nepal.

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Daraz says the 11.11 mega sale day will be this year’s biggest online sale day.

Leaving No Stone Unturned

Daraz is gearing up for the year’s busiest shopping event on November 11. The leading online marketplace is placing 11 lakh products on sale with discounts amounting to 5 crores. It has also added 1000 new vehicles for its 1000 Delivery Heroes and has reached 47 cities to complement its ever-growing transactions. Moreover, the grand shopping event also comes with discounts, prepayment offers, vouchers, and major giveaways. But the high-flying single-day event will come with a few inconveniences.

Daraz 11.11 Nepal

First, Daraz 11.11 is a one-day event of 24 hours while some of them are extended till Nov 19. Expectedly, there is an intense rush for the shoppers to get their products at first. But they will be drawn back by some variables. The vouchers will be limited so do the prepayment offers. These along with many will keep many potential buyers from picking their favorite products on Daraz’s grandest single sale day.

Although the November 11 day comes with some noticeable inconveniences for the customers, they can resort to some tips to maximize their chance of getting the products they so lovingly desire on offer. Below, we have prepared a list of tips to help you make the most of the Daraz 11.11 event.

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Tips to Make The Most of Daraz 11.11 Mega Sale Day

  1. Add products to the cart. The November 11 event lasts for 24 hours and there is no time to let up. Make it your priority to search your add products to the cart ASAP.

    Daraz is placing over a million products on sale so finding your product on search won’t be a hassle. Daraz’s own AI will also recommend products on your screen based on your interests and search history. So adding products to the cart immediately is the most important step here.
  2. Ensure your internet is consistent. If you are a regular shopper online, your internet should be fairly good. However, stay assured that your internet will fly without a hitch during shopping. If your WiFi’s expiry is nearing, make sure that it won’t interfere during the Daraz 11.11 day.

    If your home WiFi is troublesome, 3G or 4G (more preferably) will be your best tool. Fast and reliable internet is needed to make browsing through the items quickly and also make the payment. If needed, buy a data pack that will suffice your need for the purchase.
  3. Buy at midnight or early! The sale-day sale begins at midnight. Presumably, there would be fewer shoppers browsing through the products and the internet also flows at a better speed. So we suggest you start your shopping at midnight or in the early hours. You would also be best suited to receive the best discount, vouchers, prepayment, and other offers if you set out first.

    As the day furthers, more and more will join in to grab their favorite goodies so be an early bird to catch your product (before it stocks out). One more reason to buy early, as Daraz is offering discounts on payment via eSewa and IME pay for 12 to 12: 30 am.
  4. Ensure your eCommerce payment service is active on your bank account. If you are not sure, it would be better to contact the bank and avoid such hurdles. There are digital payment options using wallets such as eSewa, IME pay, etc. You can also take to the Re 1 Game which is commonly available in such grand shopping events.

    If needed, however, create an account to set up a digital payment option.
  5. Have enough balance in your bank account. You may not want to pass on your favorite product just because you found out that your account was lighter on money. Loading or transferring money while shopping is not ideal on such big days as you are competing with thousands of others for the product at massive offers.

    If you pay via digital wallets such as eSewa, or IME pay, load funds into those accounts if necessary. A little more than needed can also be really handy.
  6. Note down your vouchers. It helps to copy your vouchers on a note somewhere to keep track of the total amount you will redeem and what your products will be costing. Choose your limited vouchers to buy the products you might have long waited for. Don’t worry, we have got a discount coupon for you too. Use “Nitlcmdaraz” code for a Rs 500 discount for the purchase of Rs 5555 from here.
  7. Choose Official or Daraz Mall stores. If you are purchasing goods in bulk, we always recommend that you choose authorized sellers for authentic products. You can navigate to Daraz Mall for genuine products. To verify, look for a Daraz Mall flagship logo on the product page.
  8. Use Store chats. There are certain ways you can ensure a product’s quality or authenticity and store chat is one. If you are buying apparel, choosing the ideal size, and color could be very important for you. If available, use store chats to talk with the seller to get the product to your specifications.
  9. Read reviews and ratings. As usual, you should always read reviews of a product you are also interested in. From smartphones, laptops to any gadgets, or any other items,  learning about them from those who already have the experience will greatly help you to decide on your verdict. If available, make reviews of your references before you add your product to the cart.

    And do not forget to add your ratings for the products you have used as it helps others know the first-hand use of those products from your experiences.

    Remember that a positive seller rating above 80 could be your safe bet for a reliable product.
  10. Don’t forget to apply for available vouchers. While it is obvious, browsing and buying products might make us a bit forgetful. It helps to keep track of our vouchers while checking out or paying for the chosen products. For eg, If you are paying Rs.5,000 for your shipping, the vouchers can lighten you by Rs.200.

    Similarly, while making the payment, you can also take discounts provided by your bank cards. Daraz’s partner banks are offering 15% discounts on payment from their cards. Make sure you don’t let it go while paying.

One suggestion though!

Don’t get caught up in the exhilarating shopping. Daraz 11.11 is the greatest shopping event with lots of discounts, offers, and also a mega giveaway, a TVS scooter. You wouldn’t want to pass on the shopping experience on such a big day. We understand the temptation.

However, you can lose yourself while giving in to the flash of consumerism or you might end up overspending. This is why we suggest you stay reasonable and only shop for the items that are important to you. You can always skip some items for the future.

More Highlights of Daraz 11.11

Daraz 11.11 will see the arrival of the Realme GT Neo 2. While many international brands such as Samsung, CG Digital, Lenovo, and etc. will be offering special discounts on their range of products.

For payment, 15 partner banks of Daraz will offer payment cards with a 15% discount. Daraz shoppers can also pay through eSewa and IME Pay at discounts. In its mega giveaway, 11 lucky winners will receive a TVS Raider motorbike.

Daraz Gala Event | Watch & Win TVS Raider

As if 11.11 shopping wasn’t already exciting enough, Daraz is also hosting GRAND GALA LIVE at 8:00 PM & 10:15 PM (10 November 2021). A total of 11 celebs will glam up Daraz’s gala event with Former miss Nepal and television host, Malvika Subba, and a popular media personality Suraj Singh Thakuri hosting the event.

You can catch up with the entire GALA LIVE entertainment via Daraz App.

Daraz GALA LIVE | Img source: Daraz

Don’t sign off yet. DARAZ GALA LIVE event will not only add excitement to the viewers but there are also exciting prizes on the cards as well. While watching the Gala event, 11 viewers can also win a brand new TVS Raider among many other rewards.

The GALA live stream will be high on fun games, vouchers, and many giveaways too. Viewers will have a chance to win various giveaways by playing games too.

Daraz has already completed its Dashain and Tihar offers and the 11.11 event will be its most ruthless sale day for the year. We hope the above tips will help maximize your 11.11 shopping rendezvous. Check out more.

How excited are you to be a part of Nepal’s biggest one-day sale event? You can share your excitement with others and also add your own suggestions for 11.11 shopping to the tips above.

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