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ICT Labs in Community Schools of Bagmati Province!

Soon there could be sophisticated ICT labs in community schools of Bagmati Province. The Education Development Directorate of the province has announced a program that will coordinate to establish separate Science, Subjects-wise, and ICT labs in community schools within the province.

The Directorate released on notice today (Oct. 11) calling on the interested schools to turn in their proposal. The notice stipulates that the aspiring schools must submit their proposal within 15 days excluding the Dashain vacation.

Besides, the Nepal government has upped its ICT reinforcements in community schools and institutions for months. The government has set up free broadband connections in educational institutions across the country. The program began with the 8 earthquake-ravaged districts in priority.

In the campaign, the community schools or colleges will benefit from the fiber internet without having to pay for 2 years. 

NTA’s (RTDF) Rural Telecommunications Development Fund investment has been utilized in that project. So far, 14 thousand centers across 60 districts have acquired 20 Mbps broadband connections.

With this new program by the Bagmati Province, various community schools will have the benefit from ICT labs bringing a sophisticated IT acquaintance to the budding students.

The Education Development Directorate of the province has asked for the interested schools to submit their proposal in 15 days. In ideal circumstances, the schools might get their well-equipped ICT labs within months.

More information regarding this program is available here.

ICT Labs in Community Schools tp Bridge Digital Divide

Nepal’s federal government has been aggressively driving its ICT programs under the Digital Nepal Framework. Digital payments, wider broadband access, banking access, expansion of 4G and 5G launch have all been the hallmarks of this drive.

An ICT lab in schools will promote digital familiarity among the students and encourage them towards the ICT industry while making them aware of technology from the basics.

While private institutes have integrated computer courses for a long. Meanwhile, such has been a far cry for community schools due to finances and knowledge of ICT. Initiatives like this will greatly raise the schooling standards and bridge the digital divide in the country.

What would be your suggestions to make this campaign effective in Bagmati Province? Do share your inputs in the comments.

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