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Rakuten Viber brings AI capabilities with its new chatbot

Rakuten Viber has launched a new chatbot, the AI chat & Create feature unlocking a host of AI capabilities for users. The feature allows users to ask questions, and design images via the app. It is powered by DALL-E and Davinci’s AI generators.

With the AI chatbot, Viber users have access to AI text and image generators. Likewise, users can ask questions or test the chatbot’s creativity by designing unique images.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) tech is growing. However, to use the latest AI tools, users need to create a new account for each AI service. Besides, users also need to have a basic understanding of how AI works. However, Viber comes with a noble objective. With an influx of interest in AI, Viber’s goal is to make AI more accessible, and easy for its users. Viber serves as the interface between AI technology and its users. The company seeks to allow everyone to take part in the fun without providing access to their email or creating a separate account for each service. With a few taps, users can transition between chatting with friends to using the chatbot, sharing their art designs, or answering questions.

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Viber chatbot is free and without a need for registration

“Excitement about generative AI technology currently has much of the tech industry’s attention and every day more and more people are exposed to the wonders that can be achieved with this technology. However, access to some of these tools is not very simple for everyone and now, we are offering the easiest way to try out various AI services in the comfort of a Viber chat, inside the app, without the need to register to a special service or further hassle and completely free,” says Ofir Eyal, CEO of Rakuten Viber.

Viber AI chatbot
Viber chatbot brings a host of AI capabilities for users allowing them to transition between chatting with others to creating and sharing designs with others and answering questions | Image credit: Viber

“We provide access to these industry-leading AI tools directly on the app and users can quickly share their creations or answers. Right now, the chatbot offers two options. One for images and the other for text. And, we’re looking continuously to expand the offering in the near future,” he added.

Viber says that its AI chatbot already has over 6,000 subscribers and drew over 250K viewers. You can start using the feature by clicking ‘Inspire Me’ for the chatbot to share its capabilities.

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Where is Viber AI Chat & Create a chatbot in the app?

Users can find the AI Chat & Create feature by searching in the chat function on the Viber app. They can also find it on the app’s explore page. After subscribing, you will have unlimited access to AI tech with a few clicks on your popular messaging app. You can find more here.

When you try the feature, don’t forget to share how engaging and fun the feature is in the comments box.

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