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WiFi Nepal Launches Cheapest Internet, 30 Mbps at Rs.333

New internet service provider ‘WiFi Nepal’ has made a compelling entry into Nepal’s ISP market with a 30 Mbps internet plan for only Rs.400 on monthly payment. More excitedly, the package comes at a nominal cost of Rs.333 on an annual subscription. The company has started this sensational internet business on Wednesday, 15th June.

Focusing on a decent speed and budget, the company could become the answer to many seeking low cost instead of 3-digit internet speeds.

WiFi Nepal is the debuting ISP in Nepal. It is entering the internet domain with a smart and ambitious strategy. Many ISPs in Nepal have already started offering high-speed internet packages. So, that is not the major concern. However, there are still demands for low-cost internet from customers who can do away with relatively low internet speed. WiFi Nepal seems to be cashing in on those voices.

The ISP’s CEO Ritesh Rajsingh Shrestha says, “It is the company’s vision to make affordable internet access for all.” The company has made 30 and 50 Mbps internet plans with the service launch.

WiFi Nepal internet packages | 30 and 50 Mbps

Meanwhile, the company has provided cost details regarding its two internet packages. The 30 Mbps plan will cost Rs.400 before VAT and 50 Mbps will cost 550 without VAT. Further, you need to pay Rs.1,500 for a router on both packages. It claims the packages are the cheapest yet in Nepal.

WiFi Nepal Internet Packages (monthly renewal)CostsRouter
30 MbpsRs.400Rs.1,500
50 MbpsRs.550Rs.1,500
Exclusive of VAT

Additionally, users can pay on a basis of 3, 6, and 12 months. The ISP’s CEO says customers who pay on longer renewals will also receive special discounts.

On the 3 months renewal, the 50 Mbps package costs Rs.1,500, Rs.3,000 for 6 months, and Rs.5,000 for 12 months renewals.

WiFi Nepal Internet Packages50 Mbps30 Mbps
3 months1,500Rs.1,100
6 months3,000Rs.2,100
12 monthsRs.5,000Rs.4,000

For the 30 Mbps package, the 3 months renewal costs Rs.1,100. The 6 months and 12 months renewal cost Rs.2,100 and Rs.4,000 respectively. If you pay annually for the 30 Mbps plan, you will only have to pay Rs.333 to WiFi Nepal. This is easily the cheapest internet package in Nepal at the moment.

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How to subscribe to WiFi Nepal internet packages?

The company has opened online booking for its affordable internet packages. To book a package, you need to click here, click on ‘Book Now’ and submit your details.

At the moment, WiFi Nepal will only operate in Kathmandu. The company will offer services via service centers in different parts of the capital. Besides, there are plans to expand the service across Nepal in phases.

“Due to high internet costs, customers are still sharing their internet with others. This has compromised quality broadband performance for so many subscribers. But the company’s plans are affordable for anyone, and it could ensure higher access of internet to more people,” Shrestha adds.

WiFi Nepal has only brought internet packages for residential users for now. And the company says they are kickstarting the service after a year of research and the customers won’t feel the lack of after-sales service.

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“Our identity is the cost. We have equally focused on quality service. We are made up of professionals who have served long in internet service. This has helped us identify the customers’ needs and provide them the service they want”, Shrestha adds.

Same impact as CG Net’s?

Do you recollect when CG Net made a bold entry into the ISP business a year before? It launched a 120 Mbps internet plan for just Rs.999. It sent ripples in Nepal and triggered the speed war. Its impact was so huge that other ISPs had to inflate their internet packages. Many offered improved fiber internet packages like that of Ntc and focused on performance improvements. After a few months, Nepal got its first-ever 1 Gbps internet plan.

WiFi Nepal though has a targeted value money plan instead of obsessing with high-speed. The 30 Mbps plan is not rudimentary though. It still addresses the needs of most residential customers. More important, it is ‘very’ cheap. for 3-digit scores, people still pay almost the same price as they did a year before but for far lesser speed. However, most Nepalese don’t have diverse internet demands. Most spend their time on social media, YouTube, and TikTok and download large files occasionally. So, 30 and 50 Mbps plans are still good enough for many to address those demands.

The question of its legitimacy

But is it really as promised? The ISP has promoted its internet packages with a similar spirit as CG Net did a year ago and this shows in the interest it has generated. Social Media is abuzz with many seeming awestruck at the cheapest internet packages it is offering. However, it has come to light that the company has not taken tariff approval from the regulator NTA.

WiFi Nepal 30 Mbps
WiFi Nepal

The regulation holds that for every ISP to provide service, it must first acquire tariff approval from the regulator. In its absence, the question remains on WiFi Nepal’s ability to legitimately provide the service for the long term. But let’s give it a benefit of the doubt for its ambition. It’s a startup launched by professionals who have served long in the same business for years. So, let’s hope it is going to sort out any holes that draw questions over its authenticity. So far, the ISP has made remarkable headlines, it is time to stand up to it and make a positive impact.

But how far WiFi Nepal makes its impact will be interesting to see.

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Do you see WiFi Nepal disrupting the ISP market with its budget-friendly internet packages? Also, do share what you think of the 30 Mbps plan in terms of its cost in the comments below.

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