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Ways to subscribe/Unsubscribe some value added services in Ntc.

There are lots of complain from the people who were in trouble finding the way to unsubscribe the services they once got  registered somehow. For the services like horoscope, jokes, nagarik news, Buzz miss call, voice chat, People have no option other than either going to telecom office to know the way or continue paying for the service monthly. Most of the services costs around Rs 30-40 per month and the subscription / un-subscription  SMS costs Rs 3 per each message sent. Here are the ways to subscribe and unsubscribe for some services in Namaste Mobile of Ntc.

  • To subscribe Nagarik news, send a SMS with sub<space>news to 7000,
  • To unsubscribe Nagarik news, send a SMS  with unsub<space>news to 7000,
  •  To subscribe jokes, send a SMS with sub<space>jokes to 9999,
  •  To subscribe Buzz MCA, send a SMS with sub to 5000,
  •  To unsubscribe Buzz MCA, write unsub in your message box and send it to 5000.
  • To subscribe Voice Chat, dial 1608 and go with the announcement.

To subscribe rashi, send a sms with rashi<space>ur_rashi* to 9999,

* write your rashi keyword for ur_rashi as shown below.
Mesh Rashirashi mes
Brish Rashirashi bri
Mithun Rashirashi mit
Karkat Rashirashi kar
Simha Rashirashi sim
Kanya Rashirashi kan
Tula Rashirashi tul
Vrischik Rashirashi vri
Dhanu Rashirashi dha
Makar Rashirashi mak
Kumbha Rashirashi k u m
Min Rashirashi min

For example: To subscribe rashi for mesh, send a SMS with rashi mes to 9999.

For other subscription details, click the picture below.
Ways to subscribe/Unsubscribe some value added services in Ntc.

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