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How to save your mobile from rain, specially in Mansoon

Mansoon has already arrived in our country. Rain water is a big requirement for the paddy field and previously a big boon for reducing the load shedding hours. This time of the year, people should be extra careful of their mobile while traveling, as the rain water may damage your mobile phone put inside your pocket/bag unless your phone is a waterproof one.

How to save phone from rain water?

Here are some of the ways to save your mobile phone from rain water.

 Put your phone inside a plastic.

  • As rain may enter inside your pocket/bag, it is very useful to put your phone inside a plastic bag. Make sure there is no any tear or whole in plastic bag to prevent the water from entering.
  • Do keep a silica gel inside to keep the device moisture free.
  • If you are strolling or using your bike, place your phone in the inner layer of your raincoat pocket. Or it could be inside your waterproof bag.

Waterproof cover.

  • Instead of simple plastic, you can even buy special waterproof cases/cover to make it safe for continuous use in the rain.

Save mobile from rain water

 Hands free mode
  • Put your phone in a safe place and use it hands free or with earpiece to save it from water.

Switch off if it is wet.

  • If a mobile is wet, you should immediately switch it off or take out the battery. Then leave it for a day till the phone (along with inside chip circuitry) gets dry.
  • Do not use any heating equipment or charger.
  • If its heavily soaked in the rain, you should submerge the phone, battery and SIM inside a bowl of rice for a day.
 If you know more tricks to save mobile from rain water, do provide us in the comment section below.
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