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Nepal to buy Internet from China within Ashad

June 18, 2016: After the successful testing of Optical fiber from Nepal to China, Nepal Telecom is known to buy internet bandwidth from China within the month of Ashad. Nepal Telecom’s Joint spokesperson Dilli Adhikari mentions of their proposal to China Telecom for the internet bandwidth.
“Finalizing the proposal drafts, we will sign the contract by the end of Ashad”, he mentioned. The installation of equipment on both sides completes to pave the way for the commercialization of the link for internet bandwidth from China side. This will end Nepal’s dependency over India for global Telecom service. The opening of new link provides option for selecting good quality and low price internet bandwidth.


The short route through Hong Kong will improve the latency and the speed resulting in a good quality link. Right now, Nepal is connecting to the world through India, then to Singapore and Hongkong Global Traffic. The competition between two countries and carriers there to provide link to Nepal, can result in good quality and low price bandwidth. They cannot exact the details of the price whether it goes down or up.
Quoting the Nepal Telecom Official, Setopati reports that the equipment tests, continuity tests, Service level tests, cable capacity tests and fiber tests are already completed and the link awaits the final agreement between the two operators.
Experts believe and keep on saying that this new link would significantly reduce the internet costs. They can use the link for routing international phone calls. Enabling competition can probably reduce costs for the ISD calls too.
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