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Ncell Dashain offer: Day data pack

When Nepal Telecom dashain offer is becoming popular among their subscribers, Ncell also launches their dashain offer. Ncell dashain offer includes day data pack, launched from today (Ashoj 19, 2073) till Kartik 3, 2073. The day data pack is valid for the day time: 5 am to 5 pm. With this offer, we can say the competition between Ntc and Ncell is very heavy.

There are three such day packs launched today: namely daily day pack, weekly day pack and monthly day pack. The daily day pack of 100 MB costs Rs 20. The weekly day pack of 500 MB costs Rs 80 whereas the monthly day pack of 2 GB costs Rs 250.

This day pack offer has arrived when subscribers are making mockery of the night day packs. They say night time is for sleeping, not for surfing the internet. Some even complain that the night data offer is making them unhealthy due to the long hour night surfing.

Here is the summary of the day data pack in table, below.

Ncell day pack Volume Cost Per MB
Daily day pack 100 MB Rs 20 20 paisa
Weekly day pack 500 MB Rs 80 16 paisa
Monthly day pack 2,000 MB Rs 250 13 paisa

The above tariffs for Ncell Dashain packs are exclusive of government taxes.

If we compare the data packs of 100 MB in Ncell with Ntc, the costs of Ncell is very low. Ncell 100 MB is valid for day time of single day. Whereas Nepal Telecom’s Dashain offer of 100 MB is for any period for 5 days. It also includes 10 minutes of free voice calls and 10 free SMS.

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