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Comparison of Ntc vs Ncell 3G data speed

4G network is here in Nepal but from Nepal Telecom only. Ncell is known to get it soon. We have complains regarding slow speed and unavailability of 3G at several places from Ntc and Ncell. 4G network is known to bring to major metro cities of Nepal, including Kathmandu: the capital city which is obviously be the first one to host it. Currently 4G is only available in Kathmandu and some other cities. Today we have performed extensive tests on the 3G networks of the two competitors for the telecom industry in Nepal: Ntc vs Ncell, who are also going to expand the 4G in more parts of Nepal.

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All of the measurements were done in the major spots of Kathmandu, to compare the data speeds of Ntc vs Ncell. Major chowks, bus / micro stops and other crowded places like Airports are the places for the data speed test. We performed the speed test with OOKLA Speedtest android app in two phones, one with NT 3G and another with Ncell 3G. It provided us the coordinate of the test point, Downlink and uplink speed and ping period. We performed the signal measurement with our own app (Nepalitelecom), launching soon. We did the test for both the phones/ network for the same no of times. But as there were some issue like “Network Communication issues” at some places, the number of the measurement differed in small scale.

3G speed of NT and Ncell were tested with OOKLA speedtest android app. The signal measurements were done with our very own app (Nepalitelecom) which is soon to be launched.

First it was around the ring-road for the major bus stops like Maharajgunj, Chabahil, Gaushala, Koteshwor, Gwarko, Satdobato, Ekantakuna Chowk, Kalanki, Shoyambhu, Balaju where people surf internet from their mobile, waiting for the bus / micro. We even went to the outer arrival and departure of one and only international Airport: TIA. Then we went towards the inside ring-road core places like Baneshwor, Pulchowk, Jawalakhel, Tripureshwor, Newroad, Jamal, Kalimati, Chauni, Thamel, Kingsway, New bus park.

Ntc vs Ncell Signal comparison from NepaliTelecom android app

We found the 3G mobile network coverage satisfactory throughout the major spots except for some spots. We found poor signal at places like Koteshwor, Shoyambhu to Chauni road, Tripureshwor, Bhadrakali. Similarly only few areas like Kalanki, Sitapaila, Chakrapath road, Outside Airport have problems of Ncell 3G signal whereas it was in Balkhu, Balaju, Gongabu chowk, Jamal to T.C road have NT 3G problem.

We performed tests at major stops around the ring-road and the crowded places inside ring road. Most of the places have satisfactory signal except for some area.

Now going to the speed test, we tested it mobile and stationary. Stationary tests provided us high speed result and with mobility, the speed was lesser. The maximum speed we got from NT 3G was 8.94 Mbps which was at Maharajgunj. Whereas for Ncell, we got 7 Mbps at Satdobato. Previously we used to get 14 Mbps max speed with Ncell. Surprised to see lesser throughput with them, may be due to big crowd for Dashain sales. We did not find the  speed test result satisfactory for both the operators at Gongabu Bus park, also a crowded place. The crowd was there due to large no of people to buy tickets to go to their home for Dashain.


One of the problematic area for both of the operator was at Koteshwor. That had poor signal quality and the speed was also very low, less than 1 Mbps. Ncell 3G speed test showed “Network Connectivity issues” at major part of Kalanki- Sitapaila road section. That too had worst signal quality. Speed test outside the Airport at the arrival and departure had better speed results for NT 3G than Ncell.

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After the completion of the data tests, we found nearly 1 GB data consumed with each handset. It costs us Rs 550 in Ncell and Rs 500 in Ntc. Averaging the total data for each, we found average Downlink data speed in Ncell to be 3.3 Mbps. The downlink data speed was 3.5 Mbps in Ntc. Similarly the average uplink data speed was higher in Ncell than NT, 2.5 Mbps to 1.2 Mbps.

Here is the summary of the total tests and the comparison Ntc vs Ncell:

Data NT 3G Ncell 3G
Highest speed 8.94 Mbps 7 Mbps
Average Downlink speed 3.5 Mbps 3.3 Mbps
Average uplink speed 1.2 Mbps 1.5 Mbps
Ping (milli seconds) 56 58
Lowest Speed ( without network communication issue) 200 Kbps 220 kbps

After testing the speed of 3G, it seems people are demanding higher speed than available now. The demand for 4G is getting higher specially in the metro cities. As Ntc and Ncell have launched 4G in Kathmandu and more, lets hope, the speed of 4G will quench customers thirst for high speed. We also have performed similar speed tests of Ntc Vs Ncell 4G in Kathmandu. Do have a look here.

Please comment below with your snapshots of speed test at your area.

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