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Comparison of Ntc vs Ncell 4G: Speed, Offers and Coverage

It has been more than 5 months of Ntc 4G launch (on January 1st) whereas Ncell launched its 4G in Kathmandu on June 1st.  Both of the operators have launched 4G in very short period of time after getting the 4G license. The technology neutrality in 1800 MHz paved the way for 4G LTE operation for both operators. As 4G LTE is a data only technology, both the operators use 2G, 3G for voice calls, by falling back. Till now, there is no VoLTE (Voice over LTE) in both Ntc and Ncell 4G network. This post we are here to compare Ntc vs Ncell 4G in terms of speed, offers and coverage.

Ntc vs Ncell 4G Offers

Lets first compare the first 4G launch offer. Ntc provided 4 GB data free for 4 days, 1 GB in a day during the soft launch. Later during full fledged launch, it was 100 MB per day for 4 days, altogether 400 MB. The offer was available for a month period. They provided immediately after dialing some activation number (*444#) which is still the same for 4G activation.

Ncell do not have any 4G activation number. They only need to change their SIM to U-SIM and select 4G mode. Ncell provided 1 GB data free (for 3 days) to all those who use 4G on the first 4 day of launch till June 4. But the 1 GB data was made available from next day till June 4. The Ncell 4G offer also includes free Yonder music Nepal app streaming for one month (*324# to subscribe free). There is still no such music streaming offer with Ntc 4G.

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Ntc has got cheap 4G data offers (as low as 14 paisa per MB)  whereas we can expect such 4G data packs in Ncell soon. Till now all the available packs are valid for Ncell 4G (Cheapest in all time data packs is 21 paisa per MB). The USSD code for Ntc data packs is *1415# whereas for Ncell data packs it is *123#.

Ntc vs Ncell 4G Speed

For the speed test comparison of Ntc vs Ncell, we used Ookla speed test android app in two handsets, one with Ntc 4G and another with Ncell 4G. We roamed around the Kathmandu city to different areas, comparing the speed with the Speed test app. We have already performed the 4G speed test of Ncell in Kathmandu and made a separate post earlier. This time, we tested the both Ntc 4G and Ncell 4G together.

The maximum we got from Ntc 4G was 20.29 Mbps download and 10.47 Mbps upload. Whereas in Ncell 4G, we got the maximum of 31. 55 Mbps download and 10.36 Mbps upload. The highest speed of Ntc 4G was found at Pulchowk whereas Ncell 4G speed was highest at Jamal. We already said the speed of 4G depends on the signal power received and the time of usage. As Ncell has just been launched, the no of subscribers in Ncell 4G are lesser than that of Ntc 4G. So the download speed was found higher. It is not the case for all the region. But for the consistency of the 4G speed, Ntc showed better result.

Below, you can see Ntc vs Ncell 4G speed test in different times where the average download speed is greater than 10 Mbps in Ntc and less than 10 Mbps in Ncell.

Here are two snapshots of Ntc and Ncell 4G speed at the same time.

After the rigorous speed tests at different areas and time, we have found the handsets to become very hot. At some areas, we noticed problem of network communication issues due to very low signal received. Later the phone went to 3G mode in Ncell.

But the good thing with 4G is that we can get speeds in Mbps even if the signal is low. Compared to 3G, this is advantageous in some locations where similar 3g signal level would give no internet. It is worth to mention that in some places Ncell 3G was higher in speed than Ncell 4G itself. That does not mean in any way we do not need 4G. 4G is efficient in many terms to 3G. If we move to 4G now, we can evolve to other advanced and efficient technologies with more advanced services.

It took more than 2 GB data in both the 4G network for the test. This has been done due to our keen interest in providing the right information to people and also due to request from our regular followers.

Ntc 4G vs Ncell 4G coverage.

We have found the coverage of both the operators to be more or less similar in Kathmandu. There were one or two times that the handset went to 3G mode. Sometimes in the basement as well, we received 4G signal of both Ntc and Ncell whereas 3G was unavailable. With the extra hot handset and the fast battery drain in 4G, we can say the coverage is not that enough in terms of signal received power. We can expect them to add more base station towers to increase the coverage and speed.

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Right now, Ntc 4G is available in Kathmandu and Pokhara whereas Ncell 4G is available in Kathmandu, Nagarkot, Banepa and Dhulikhel. Both the operators are planning to extend 4G to more cities. 4G race is on!! Lets see who will reach first to more areas and customers. It is known the next 4G launch of Ncell is in Pokhara and Damauli.

We will keep updated about 4G and more technology and services in Nepal. Stay tuned with us!!! Do feedback us about this post. If you have some findings of Ntc vs Ncell 4G,  you can mention that in the comment below.

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