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4G survey result 2: Popular 4G package is 5GB with 100 minutes calls.

This is the continuation of 4G in Nepal survey result. Please read the first part of the survey result here.

The first part was about the 4G handset and people willingness to have / use 4G in their area. This part we are specific in the data packages with 4G, 4G at home, Unlimited 4G, TV service and smart connectivity for different devices in general.

According to the survey, most popular 4G data package is found to be 5 GB at Rs 1000 for a month with 100 minutes free call, around 30 percent. 20 % of people want 2GB at Rs 500 for two weeks and 50 minutes call free. People even opted for different options in 1 GB and 2 GB data packages with several validity options and price. There are even counts of Rs 1 per MB being enough, 14 percent to be specific. It seems huge data package with some free calls will be popular with 4G service.

4G data package Nepal

Regarding their willingness to use 4G at home, 72 % said they will, if unlimited data option is available. 10 % expressed their unwillingness. 5% will use only if they get home device for free. 6 percent said they will if the local content is available for free. Some of the people said to use 4G only as an option for the Home WiFi.

For the TV / video broadcast service, people prefer it only if they can pay per month for unlimited no of channels. 22 percent rejected the idea of having TV service with 4G. 9 percent said they want it if they can pay per channel for a period, instead of a data volume package.

TV service with 4G
TV service with 4G

As most of the people will use unlimited 4G data package at home, we asked if they see operators problem to provide unlimited internet with 4G. 60 percent people say operator can do it. 10 percent say at least local video content unlimited can be provided. Remaining 30 percent say they understand operators problem to provide unlimited internet. Reasons for the non feasibility of unlimited internet includes Resource restriction, High internet cost from abroad, High equipment cost, network error, server load causing worst experience for all.

unlimited data in 4G

In the future, every devices can be connected to internet later like smart meter, smart home, connected cars. Which of your personal devices (other than mobile) do you want to connect to internet all the time?

For the above question, people did put regular devices like mobile, TV, laptop, computer. But for the people aware of the smart connectivity, most of them want to use home devices for automation (24 %). Secondly, people want to connect cars to the internet (19 %). Similarly there are stuffs like Bike, Health band, watches, house hold appliances, Personal assistants, Camera, TV, Robot which people want to connect to the internet. It is not too late when all of these connects to the internet for automation and easy access.

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