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Ntc ADSL speed test after new offer; Confusion and reality

Speed from unlimited Ntc 1 Mbps ADSL data.

Nepal Telecom, popularly known as Ntc has revised all of their ADSL data packages to 1 Mbps from today. The speed is the same 1 Mbps for Ntc ADSL unlimited package and the different volume based packages.

Ntc mentions that all existing unlimited users will be automatically eligible for the package. Whereas the existing volume based users need to contact nearest NT office for more information. So, for all the unlimited ADSL packages, the speed is already 1 Mbps. As known for volume based packages, the speed will change for the next purchase.

Ntc ADSL speed test result

This post is basically for the speed test of 1 Mbps unlimited internet data. We performed speed test through out the day for Ntc ADSL link, through web and application. We have only connected the single test terminal either Computer or smartphone for the Ntc ADSL speed test. What we have found is the downlink speed to be 1 Mbps as per their promise. In some cases, it also surpassed 1.5 Mbps up to 1.9 Mbps. The uplink speed is found around 200 kbps to 300 kbps.

Regarding the real download experience, we have performed multiple download of two 10 MB and 5 MB size files. We got the average speed of 120 KBps (i.e. 960 kbps) and it took around a minute to complete the download of 10 MB file.

Here is the speed test result of Ntc ADSL from web and phone app.

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital subscriber line) from the name itself has the term asymmetric which means the variable speed for downlink and uplink, more in the down-link or download speeds.

ADSL speed: Confusion and reality

We are sure people have started performing speed tests, ever since the new offer was announced and before. There seems to be confusion among people with Kbps and KBps speed, for which people argue for not meeting promised speed. The capital B in the KBps means kilo bytes per seconds whereas small letter b in the Kbps means Kilo bits per seconds. We have 8 bits of data equals to a byte, so if we see the speed in KBps, we have to multiply by 8 to get Kbps.

Similarly, people are comparing the test result with that of yesterday or some previous period. As Ntc have been testing 1 Mbps to the ADSL customers from some time, the customers may not feel the drastic difference in experience. But customers are still getting the promised speed of 1 Mbps. It may be the case where uplink speed may not meet customer’s requirement but all in all it’s a nice effort from Ntc to increase the speed to 1 Mbps flat.

Do post your speed test result below in the comment section. Make sure its only you who is connected to the ADSL link either through Wi-Fi or LAN and using the internet there.

Factors affecting ADSL speeds

The ADSL technology used by Ntc is ADSL 2 + technology which can provide maximum speeds up to 24 Mbps, for acceptable link distance. Though Ntc ADSL can practically provide speeds around 10 Mbps with different package, it all depends on the distance of the copper cable from the exchange to customer home and link quality. Shorter the distance, better will be the link quality and the speed. Similarly, the no of connections / joints have also impact on the quality and speed of Ntc ADSL.

It also depends on how you connect the ADSL line in your home (see below for improving ADSL speed yourself) and no of users connected simultaneously through the same ADSL. If there are more than 1 person using the same ADSL either through ethernet LAN or Wi-Fi, the total speed will be divided among the users. So, in such case, you always get speed less than the promised one.

The problem with Ntc ADSL is the kind of support people are looking for in case of any problem. Operator can do less for the longer distance of copper cable whereas for the link quality from connection/ joint, ADSL modem problem, ADSL port problem or other minuscule problems, Ntc can at least support the customer and provide the way out.

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About Ntc landline, ADSL and FTTH

Ntc is the sole provider of landline as well as ADSL service in Nepal. There are around 7 lakh landline users and 1.8 lakh ADSL users in Nepal with Ntc. Considering the impact of copper cable and distance on the speed, telcos prefer optical fiber (Fiber to the home) connection for the higher speed broadband connection. They have revised the new FTTH package in the promotional offer. Currently Ntc is also working to expand FTTH fiber to the main city areas.

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