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How to take Ncell Double Sapati/loan offer?

Process to take Ncell double sapati offer

Ncell customers can now enjoy a double Sapati/loan offer. On the occasion of reaching 5 years of the first credit scheme, Ncell has brought this double Sapati/loan offer. Ncell double loan offer now allows customers to get Rs 80 as a credit to use different services. The telecom operator doubled the amount to facilitate people in the COVID-19 lockdown.

The double loan offer comes into effect during the start of the lockdown in Nepal. When the main balance gets less than Rs 5, customers can take this scheme. Even though they have increased the loan amount, they charge the same amount of Rs 2.55. The amount includes their service charge of Rs 2 + 13% TSC and 13% VAT.

This sort of loan service helps customers low in balance to continue using Ncell services.

How to take loan in Ncell?

Any Ncell SIM cards older than 2 months can take the double Sapati/loan. The loan amount can be used to make calls, send SMS to any network, browse the internet, and take other Ncell services. That means they will add the loan amount to the main balance.

To take the loan in Ncell, follow the following steps.

  • You need to dial *9988# and it will notify for the successful loan transfer if your balance is less than Rs 5.
  • Ncell customers can even send blank SMS to 9988 for the loan service.

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The 80 Rs balance will be taken by Ncell on the next recharge. If the balance is less than Rs 80, the whole amount will be taken and remaining to take in another recharge. The service charge for the double loan offer is Rs 2.55 which will also be taken during the recharge.

  • To know more information about the Ncell loan offer, customers can dial 9988 and listen to the voice message there.

If the customer does not recharge the balance after using the service, s/he will still be able to enjoy incoming services but will not be able to request another Saapati until the previous credits are cleared.

Sapati/Loan scheme information

Customers can take the loan/Saapati scheme as many times as they want, but the previous loan should have been cleared.

  • To know the remaining Loan amount, customers need to dial *901#.

This sort of Sapati service comes handy in the emergency period especially at night times or in areas where recharge cards or top-ups are not available. The service is still popular among low paying students for the continuation of the services in case of insufficient balance.

If you compare this with the Ntc loan, Ntc does not take any service charge that is it comes for free. Whereas Ncell charges Rs 2.55 for the double loan. But Ntc only provides a credit amount from Rs 5 to Rs 20 depending upon the loyalty of the SIM card.

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Tell us what do you think of Ncell loan and the process to get it. Did you ever take the loan from the telecom operator and paid it later, comment below.

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