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Ntc uses NtSAT to provide service in very remote areas

Ntc, the government owned pioneer telecom company has provided telecom services in 10 different remotest areas of the country. Those places were deprived of any telecom service till latest. Ntc had used NTSAT to provide the telecom services there. Those 10 areas are in four districts of Darchula, Jumla, Kalikot and Humla.

Concerning the upcoming provincial and house of representative elections, Government had directed the company to instantly provide telecom services to those unconnected areas. So, Ntc had operated their services in those places from 2 weeks before. Among them, the last one to get telecom services is Changkheli of Humla, operational from Kartik 26.

The ten places to get telecom services from Ntc include Byas Nagarpalika, Naugadh Nagarpalika, Api Himal Village in Darchula, Kadka Sundhari Gaupalika in Jumla, Mahawai Gaupalika in Kalikot: Changkheli, Kadakot and Karpunath of Humla.

Among those village bodies, Ntc had installed equipments in Huti, Dhuligada and Khandeshwori of Darchula, Bumramadi chaur of Jumla, Patamghat and Odankhu of Kalikot, Maila, Meghpa and Simasta of Humla. As the places are very remote, Ntc says they even used Helicopter to transport the telecom equipment there.

For those remote mountaineous regions, Ntc used NTSAT which is actually a satellite technology that puts it own brand. Telecom services there will not only benefit the people in the region but also ease the various services to provide by the government including management of upcoming elections.

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