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Mobile phone Jammer in Singhadurbar !!

Whenever there is an official visit of Indian PM Modi in Nepal, news about Mobile phone Jammer surfaces. It is due to the reason that he carries special Jammer that blocks mobile signal around, even on the way. The main reason for the usage is for the security concern that perpetrator may use it for some destruction. Another news about Mobile phone Jammer in Singhadurbar comes now when PM Modi’s visit is to happen next week. But the reason for this Jammer is little different (find below).

If you are going to Singhadurbar and take part in some special program there, your mobile phone may not work.  It is due to the Mobile Jammer that is fitted there. Ratopati reports a news about the Mobile phone Jammer usage in PM office, Singhadurbar and PM residence, Baluwatar. They will only use or operate it whenever there is a cabinet meeting or important discussion. The jammer will block the mobile phone signal at certain distance around.

This is the reason that the mobile phones in that area were unreachable for about 2 hours, this Friday.  Mobile phones in 50m from Singhadurbar PM office were out of reach from 10 am to 12, on Baishak 13. As the cabinet meeting was undergoing, they had switched on the Jammer. Which stops mobile phones from originating / receiving calls in close proximity from the Jammer.

The actual reason for the usage of Jammer here is to prevent the leakage of important and sensitive information when cabinet meeting and other crucial meetings are happening.

What is a Mobile phone Jammer?

Mobile phone Jammer is a special electronic device that blocks the communication between phone and the BTS tower, so that calls, SMS and data usage cannot happen in certain distance. People use such Jammers in places where they want to prevent the phone usage for some silence in special or VIP meeting. Although it seems a good idea for the people in meeting, it may be blocking some urgent or emergency calls. So equal care should be taken while using such device.

This Jammers are used in the PM office, Singhadurbar and PM residence, Baluwataar with the consent of the government owned telco, Nepal Telecom (Ntc). According to Spokesperson for Home Ministry Ramkrishna Subedi, the Jammer has been there and operating from before for crucial meeting or VVIP movement like Indian PM Modi arrival. Source.

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