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Ntc to finalize 4G expansion project

Ntc in a recent press release says they are in the final stage of starting 4G expansion project. Ntc 4G project was meant to be the driver for expanding 4G LTE to all parts of the country. As there was a huge outcry from people and even government for the delay in the 4G expansion, Ntc brings out the status of their whopping 4G project.

As the project was under evaluation phase from some time, Ntc says they are in the final stage of the evaluation. They are also prioritizing their works to expand 4G in fast pace over all parts of the country. Citing the current competitive market in the telecom sector, Ntc 4G project has to do a lot with the company’s future. It has also the great impact on overall telecommunication development of the country.

Talking to Setopati, Ntc MD Mrs. Kamini Rajbhandari also confirms the recent fast pace progress in their 4G project. She also mentioned that further delay in 4G could even result in an outdated project. So, they are working day and night to award the NTC 4G Project tender. Once they decide on the 4G project, they will expand 4G LTE all over Nepal within 6 to 9 months.

For a government-owned company like Ntc, they are following all the applicable rules for the expansion works. Among which, the Public Procurement Act and Company’s financial rules are their lifeline to abide by.

Although Ntc launched 4G in the country at first place, their 4G coverage is only available in Kathmandu valley and Pokhara. As known, they will expand 4G LTE to all parts of the country using this multi-million dollar Project. So, it has huge expectations from the people, whole country, and the telecom industry.


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