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NTA clarifies for Mobile tower Radiation effects

NTA, the telecommunication regulator requests people to be aware of wrong information and hoaxes for the effect of mobile tower radiation. They announce that some news and publications for the baseless news drew their attention. So, they thought of making people aware of such misinformation.

There are several guidelines for the maximum level of electromagnetic radiation from the mobile Tower. NTA says they urge to follow World Health Organization (WHO)’s ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) benchmarks. That means NTA will ask telcos not to install radio units with the level beyond the threshold/standard.

NTA clarification

NTA further iterates its commitment to protecting the public’s health due to the effect of installing such telecom infrastructure like Mobile tower and its operation. They have been making necessary standards time and again to monitor such radiation hazards. They also ask all of the stakeholders including the public in helping NTA to follow such standards for the smooth operation of Mobile service.

NTA issues such notice to the public as there is false news regarding the Mobile tower radiation hazards. Due to such fake news, people seemed to be wary of the mobile tower near to their homes and request the operators to remove it. Such people have not only reached out to telcos but they have also filed numerous complains to the regulator.

NTA tries to assure people with the measurement of the radiation to be under the threshold. But still, they could not convince some people due to deep-rooted thoughts about radiation hazards in their minds.

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One of the big problems for the operators is the acquisition of land or building to put the towers. Operators keep on adding towers in places for enhancing their mobile coverage and quality. Suppose an operator could not find the space (either land or Building) to put the mobile tower timely. Then their plan to maintain quality will be shattered, which is against the telecommunication development of the country.

Hence NTA tried to remove such baseless belief in people for the radiation hazard, with this notice.

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