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Ntc solves mobile call problem in Kathmandu

NTC (Nepal Telecom), the government-owned telco has solved the mobile call problem. On Tuesday Morning, Ntc mobile subscribers in Kathmandu encounter problem in making a call. NTC says the problem has been already resolved in the morning.

According to some online portals, there was a problem with Ntc from 6 am morning on Tuesday. It took around one hour to resolve the problem. When we checked the problem at 7:30 am, there was no issue.

Although the problem is resolved, Ntc does not tell details about the reason for the call failure. As per the user’s information, the mobile network was running smoothly in all other areas. But it seems subscribers in Kathmandu were more affected.

NTC also posts a Facebook status to inform the people of the call problem resolution. NTC also apologizes for the trouble caused to the people through social media status.

Such type of network problem has happened with Nepalese telcos several times. This kind of problems not only annoys the subscribers but also affects the revenue and reliability of the telcos themselves.

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