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Telephone subscription outnumbers population by 1 crore

The number of telephone subscription in Nepal had already surpassed the population back in 2016. Now, the number of telephone subscription is higher than the population by 1 crore users. According to the latest MIS data of NTA, there are around 3 Crore and 92 lakhs telephone users for both fixed and mobile.

Latest MIS data of Ashad shows the total population of Nepal as 2 crore and 92 lakhs. The population data is actually the population projection based on the growth rate and the CBS data of 2011.

Last year the total telephone subscription was at 3 crores and 62 lakhs. So, Nepal added 30 lakhs subscriber in the last fiscal year alone.

  • According to NTA, the number of inactive SIM card is around 1 crore.

Fixed vs Mobile

Among the total telephones in Nepal, fixed telephony accounts for just 8 lakh and 61 thousand. But the contribution of mobile telephony is around 98 percent. There is a wide adoption of mobile by people and also the mobile network has expanded largely. The number is actually based on the distribution of SIM cards by the telcos.

Position of telcos

Among the telcos, Ntc has the highest number of telephone subscribers (1 crore and 99 lakhs) in different technologies like Fixed line (PSTN), GSM mobile, CDMA mobile, VSAT. Ntc added 22 lakhs subscribers alone in the last fiscal year. Similarly, based on the number, Ncell is second with 1 crore and 65 lakh users. Ncell is only operating a mobile network based on GSM technology. Find the table for the number of telephone users in Nepal for different telcos.

  • Ntc: 19,980,520
  • Ncell: 16,513,859
  • Smart: 1,851,021
  • UTL: 526,874
  • NSTPL: 328,538

Data subscription

For the data service, NTA now includes the broadband data only which excludes the regular 2G and other slow data internet services. Broadband data services include Home broadband like ADSL, FTTH and Cable and Mobile broadband like 3G, 4G.

  • Around 51 percent of the population has access to broadband services.

So we can say, Half of the population can use the broadband internet services. The data shows most of the data services are from Mobile broadband. Whereas FIxed broadband accounts for only 20 percent.

As we stated before, growth in FTTH, 3G/4G subscription has increased the broadband penetration in the country. Whereas other technologies like WiMAX, WiFi, Internet lease line have very few subscribers. Talking about the oldest broadband service, NTC ADSL provides service to 10 lakh people. As they state 1 Connection is equal to 4.88 subscribers for fixed broadband, the number becomes higher than the subscription for all the fixed broadband connections.


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