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What do we expect with Can Infotech exhibition 2019?

The mega event for the ICT sector of Nepal, CAN info-tech is almost here for the 2019 edition. Computer Associaton of Nepal (CAN) has been organizing the event from around 25 years. They have been creating a lot of buzz in the IT industry and among the general public with the event. But have they been able to fulfill the expectations of IT professionals and enthusiasts expectations? In this post, we will share what do we expect from the CAN infotech event.

CAN infotech event generally witness a large no of people? In the Year 2018, around 3.76 lakhs (3,76,000) people visited the event. Every year they set a new record in the no of people visits, who flock there expecting a showcase of new IT technologies and products.


Here is what we expect from the CAN Infotech event.

New technology showcase.

We expect CAN infotech to showcase the new technologies in the IT fields. It could be the latest development in Computing, Mobile technologies, Storage technologies, Peripherals, Softwares, etc. Even if these products are not coming in the very near future, putting the dummy product or even the simulations increases the interest of such technologies in people.

Improve the digital literacy of people.

As already mentioned above, a lot of people visit the event, it will be a good platform to increase digital literacy in Nepal. As per the world’s standard, Nepal’s digital literacy is considered low. So, we expect the organizers to motivate the exhibitors to make people aware of the digital ecosystem that can make their life easy.

Platform for IT Innovation/startups

A young innovator with a self-made drone who was found in the very corner of the CAN info-tech 2017.

We expect CAN provide a hub for the upcoming startup, entrepreneurs to exhibit their innovative ideas/ products free of cost.  Using the platform, they can even get the chance to fund their ideas.

Products showcase not the sale.

We want new products to be showcased there which has just been launched and yet to reach. For buying, there are enough shops and even online shopping. But the idea of selling products kills the enthusiasm for learning about the technology behind the product.

Only the official brand.

We also expect the organizers to at least filter the exhibitors and only let the official authorized companies.  For such a grand event, we expect them to promote the usage of genuine products/services.

Genuine surveys

The place with such huge people will be a good platform for any survey or research for the IT industry. Plus they can perform the survey with a very small effort in the event. The result will also be useful for upcoming products, technology, and market gap. CAN themselves can do such surveys and research, whose result will help the development of the IT industry.

All Digital, less paper

We expect the organizers/exhibitors to use as less paper as it is possible. From tickets to the catalogs to the visiting cards, they should promote the use of digital means rather than papers in everything. It will make the exhibition place less dirt due to the paper and helps people to adapt to the digital transformation.

To make a better understanding of the products they are showcasing, they could bring the use case of such products inside the exhibition place itself. Here are a few of them.

Locating the stalls.

As there is generally a large no of stalls in the event, it is difficult to locate those stalls. Providing a digital catalog and map for getting the information and location of exhibitors on their mobile will be helpful. This will be helpful for people to find the place where they are interested, instead of roaming all around to find them. They can use separate mobile apps of their own for this event.

Smart Intelligent camera

Intelligent cameras have been showcased in Can Infotech for some years. But we have not found the real use cases of such cameras. Using such Smart intelligent CA, the organizers can track to prevent any criminal activity inside. They can also count the no of people using multiple cameras and display the no of people inside.

Count of Attendance

The count of attendance in events is mostly taken from the no. of tickets sold which is not exactly the no. of the people in the show. As mentioned above, the intelligent camera in the entrance gates can provide a count of attendance. But using a Turnstile can not only count the no of people easily but also prevent the unauthorized entry of people. Coins, Tokens or digitally encoded cards can be used for the verification of the authorized person or people with tickets. For this, the venue owners should incorporate such entrance gates.


The main intention of CAN Infotech is to encourage the usage of ICT tools like the Internet and communication among Nepalese and realize the digital Nepal concept. But it is doubtful if they are able to grasp the big potential with this event for the development of this industry. There is also a big gap in what IT enthusiasts & people expect with the event and what they come up with. Is this year 2019 a different? We will find out after Jan 29 (Magh 15, 2075).

If you have some expectations for CAN infotech 2019, do comment below.

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