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Ncell Brings Low Balance Call Service

Ncell keeps on bringing new and innovative services to people. This time, Ncell has launched a service called low balance call with which customers can make calls even if they have got no or low balance.

You may wonder how is this possible because normally the caller or the originator is charged of the call. But here, this new service will charge the receiver if such calls are made properly and received.

If you want to use the service, you need to dial 17102 followed by the number whom you are calling. Then the call charge will be taken from receiver’s balance.

How to do a low balance call in Ncell?

To use the low balance call service in Ncell, you need

  • to dial 17102 and then the number whom you want to talk to. For example: If you want to make a call to 98010XXXXX then you should dial 1710298010XXXXX.
  • The receiver will be informed of the call via voice message. He/she need to press 1 to receive the call. Then the receiver will be charged for the call.

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Service Charge

As per Ncell, there is no service charge for this kind of peculiar service. Instead, the normal call charge will be applied to the receiver. So, Ncell will charge Rs 1.99 per minute call (Rs 2.54 including taxes) to the receiver. The amount will also cut from the main balance.

Ncell customers can make the low balance call only four times per day. But you need to make sure the receiver picks up your call all the time.

To make call through, the receiver also needs to have sufficient balance. If the receiver does not have enough balance in the main balance, then the call will not be successful.

Ncell also has a loan service that allows you to get Rs 40 as a balance to use the telecom service when you do not have a sufficient balance (less than or equal to Rs 5). The loan service saves your worry to use the service when you could not recharge your balance. Comparing it to the loan service, this low balance call service is even more beneficial as you can make calls on an urgent basis without enabling any service. Plus the added advantage is that you will not be charged for the call or any service charge later.

Do not forget to read Ncell unlimited data pack at Rs 20.

Tell us what do you think of Ncell low balance call service? Will you be using such a service and when, please comment below.

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