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Ncell auto-subscription issue: Everything you need to know.

Ncell and the auto subscription case have been a hot topic for a while. Here people have been continually complaining a lot about the balance deduction and auto subscription that has been unknowingly going on. This is a very unlikely situation and there are also a lot of things people should know about this situation. So, let’s break it down.

What is the Ncell auto-subscription issue?

Ncell’s auto subscription issue is an issue faced by Ncell consumers where people suffer automatic balance deduction and auto-reactivation of services without their consent and prevailed desire.

So, lately, we found out that this was the case of auto-activation of services such as Music Meter Content, Video plus Content, Huawei Games Content, and so forth.

There are fun, gaming, and entertainment services in Ncell which charge from Rs 5 to Rs 55 for daily to monthly basis respectively. Various services charge accordingly with some variations as well. The cost is a considerable amount that gets automatically deducted and causes panic in the users. Here is the price of some digital services in Ncell, which do have daily, or 3 days, or weekly subscription plans.

Subscription Plan Total Price
Games Club Daily Rs. 5.09
Games Club – 3 days Rs. 15.32
App Gallery daily Rs. 11.49
Music Meter Weekly Rs. 15.32
Video plus 3 days Rs 12.77
App market weekly Rs 15.27

When this auto-subscription issue surfaced?

Although the issue used to be heard but in a mere manner. But this issue has been largely vocal from last one month as people took it to social network sites and Facebook groups to rant about the auto-balance deduction due to some service activation on its own.

Here are some of the snapshots of the people’s complain about such a subscription (Click to enlarge).

Ncell auto activation issue app gallery

Ncell automatic balance deduction Music meter Huawei games Video plus subscription

Ncell automatic subscription issue doctor online content balance scam

How do those services get auto-subscribed?

As known the services get subscribed as people unknowingly accepted the subscription of such packages by clicking allow or agree without reading them, and as a result, the subscription got activated. There are people who also subscribe to those services for being fond of it. For that, they visit the respective portal for that particular service and subscribe.

The scenario is miserable, where unknown innocent people are facing a balance reduction without any consent. Ncell users have witnessed those cases recently. Moreover, apart from young people who can figure out the activity, this is also affecting the old Labours and ignorant farmers. They do not use the internet to binge-watch or do any other stuff in particular. This right here is also a case of digital illiteracy along with Ncell’s carelessness on properly optimizing their services.

Complaints and refund

Lately, Ncell has been getting similar complaints from many users, and when this case got their attention, they responded to one of the people who posted on this concern. After that, they adjusted the customer’s balance by returning Rs. 520 to his balance. What is more, is that Ncell also takes approval for some services, but it seems they did not seek permission for all the services.

 However, except for this, there are still many people like the old laborers who aren’t as educated and do not have any idea about these problems. Here the worst-case scenario is that those people might be having their balance deducted by being auto subscribed to such packages/services. They don’t even know any of this, this is a very disastrous situation if we think about it. So, the question remains if Ncell is fixing this situation by any means? And if it has already, then why is the case repeating itself yet again.

How is this happening?

This online service where people can subscribe to such apps and sites fall under Value-added services. Some even call all other services except for the core: Voice, SMS, and data as VAS service. Here, telco companies like the Ncell team up with the foreign party, and this creates an easy getaway for the subscription.

Find a video below which shows how a search in google ends up in the Ncell service activation page.

Ncell auto-subscription issue from website ad banner click
A video showing how an ad click reaches the Ncell subscription consent page.

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While this service is typical in foreign countries, it has become difficult to manage in Nepal in an organized way. Although, some people who understand this service enjoy it and are making the most out of it. It still does not justify the auto-renewal and regular deduction of money to those who do not understand the whole scenario.

Also, Ncell allegedly spoke about this situation by saying that these services are activated when you click on the ads banner and link while surfing the internet. And to avoid the activation of such services, the users must read all the information before clicking on related links/ads.

Ncell games auto activation App market consent

Meaning, we may get auto subscribed to unwanted packages just by even mistakenly clicking on their ads/ links. And they have nothing to say about the old laborers and uneducated farmers who have no idea about the things that are happening with their mobile devices. People consider this a very illogical explanation as many people do not even know about automatic subscription to a package by just clicking on an ad/link.

Moreover, It seems these services are for fun games and entertainment. When we see how these services are activated, we find that there are some different portals where you need to signup. It appears as though you get redirected to those sites while surfing on the internet, mostly from some ads. You can find the redirection in the video attached above.

To keep the records straight, most of the sites all over the internet are filled with ads. When people click such ads link unknowingly, then this sums up to meet the end of online peace and can be called an actual scam. Or, at least the whole scene ends up looking like a scam set up by Ncell to the users and people feel very cheated as well.

What does Nepal Telecommunications Authority have to say about this?

Well, the truth being told, Nepal Telecommunications Authority was not happy with the scenario as well. Although services like this are very common in foreign lands, NTA has never approved for all these services in Nepal.

While, Ncell, on the other hand, has diabolically been using some of these services without official approval. As we mentioned Ncell does take responsibility for some services where they even reached out to the customer to return the deducted balance. It was because the customer was not using any smartphone. But because it does not take accountability for other some of the services within the scenario for which Ncell has been penalized.

However, this scenario seems to be happening and unfolding even new extents yet again by also enabling the auto subscription. Here, the account once activated gets continuously renewed and the money keeps on decreasing automatically. So, this is a very complicated situation and should be fixed ASAP by Ncell and yet again should have the NTA’s attention, but this time in a more definite and considerate way.

Since people feel cheated and scammed from these services, it’s obvious that Ncell should address a solution to this problem and not keep it going for long. These services should either permanently stop or re-shape in such a way that only the desired user can activate it with their full will and determination.

How to unsubscribe such digital services or stop the auto-activation?

There may be a lot of such activations that are eating up your balance. So, if you do not want any of them, you can deactivate all of them at once by following steps.

  • Go to message on your phone
  • Type STOP
  • send it to 7724.
  • It will deactivate all the digital services on your account.

Digital literacy

Digital Literacy is a very basic yet important term. It refers to an individual’s capacity to find, assess, and compose clear information through writing and other media on numerous digital platforms.  Since we click into ads and notifications without reading them and then regret it in the latter term. We surf through the internet all day long and go through several sites, and we most likely click and scroll through social media and pages not realizing what we are getting into.

So, this is a sign of Digital illiteracy. Since we know “Prevention is always better than cure”, we should always try to prevent mishaps from occurring by being diligent and attentive to what we see before carelessly reacting to it. In this case, as well, we can consider the young innocent and the old uneducated people as victims.

But, to the literate people enough to read the link and accept the subscription, this is a vital lesson they can learn from this scenario. We are not saying that it is your fault you got into this mess, but all we want to ensure is that you read before you accept.

Because the internet can sometimes be a terrifying place where your privacy can be hampered and breached/hacked due to such little mistakes. And protecting ourselves starts from self-awareness, also if we can we should try to enlighten this issue to the old and innocent folks we know so that they do not have to suffer through any kind of losses.

Are you digitally literate?

Moreover, since this is a fundamental term, and everyone should be enlightened with it, all of the stakeholders should start investing in improving digital literacy. Being literate does not mean they are digitally aware or are capable enough to access the information rightly. A Ph.D. holder can also be digitally illiterate, and this term is very important as we are evolving into a digital world every single day.

Few of the organizations like digital service providers have made some investment and contributions to this field, but it is not enough. The evolving digital platforms require a better investment in this regard since it is the matter of the future of ours and the upcoming generation.

How to be aware of such auto-activation?

If you are doubtful and want to check whether this is the case with you, then we suggest you check the transaction history for your mobile. Here is how you can check your call details or usage history.


Also, in terms of the auto reduction services, Ncell should take quick action on these services that are hampering the digital wellbeing of the people. Since most of the people who use the internet do not even know what is causing the balance reduction, it is hard for them to figure out the solution.

Moreover, it seems to people as though the company is making money by cheating the customers, which brings up a bad reputation for the company as well. So, they should address the issue of the auto-activation/auto-renew of those services ASAP! People should complain to the authorities or government agencies and the authorities also need to take it seriously.

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Once the authorities also announced that although people outcry on social networking sites, they do not make formal complaints to them. They should deal with it as well.

On that note, let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below. Do not forget to mention if you are going through the same situation.

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