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Ncell now offers various pack via POS and digital wallets

On 15 June 2020, Ncell announced its collaboration with three online payment platforms of Nepal and about their authorized point of sale (POS) for service packages. In a press release, Ncell stated that data and voice packs are now available for purchase via Khalti, Prabhupay, and Unipay PoS and wallets directly.

The partnership with three digital wallets will help Ncell customers have an efficient, hassle-free, and quick transaction while buying service packs. As the digital wallet usage in on the rise here in Nepal, Ncell wants to cash on the development. Let’s learn more about Ncell’s latest venture.

Ncell point of sale (POS) 

Ncell has enabled its own authorized Ncell point of sale (POS) for better service experience. The customer will be able to buy data and voice packs even if they are out of mobile balance. It means the customers can buy various data and voice packs using the Point of sales (PoS) or fund available on their digital wallets/bank account connected with wallets.

It is not necessary to top up the mobile phone to buy the service packs. So, either you need to visit the digital wallet PoS or you have either Khalti, Prabhupay, or Unipay app on your phone to enjoy this service. They can directly select the service pack they want, provide a mobile number, and pay via cash (PoS) or a digital wallet. Upon getting a product code from the Ncell system via SMS, or USSD,  the service will activate on your mobile phone.

Ncell service packs and offers 

As the world slowly moves towards digitalization, the importance of online payment platforms has enhanced. Partnership with Khalti, Prabhupay, and Unipay will help Ncell outreach its customers to provide top-class service. In this new endeavour, Ncell is starting with attractive service packs.

Initially, Ncell is offering six various data and voice packs via digital wallets. They are as follows:

  1. 2100MB data at just Rs 98.99 including tax, receive 300MB every day for seven days
  2. 15000MB data at just Rs. 498.83 including tax, receive 500MB every day for 30 days
  3. 36,000MB data at Rs 998.97 including tax, receive 1200MB data every day for 30 days
  4. 1300 MB (*3, at all-time, night time and 4G network) for 30 days at Rs 350.36
  5. 3 GB (*3, at all-time, night time and 4G network) for 30 days at Rs 462.37
  6. 32GB (plus 1-hour video every day) for 30 days at Rs 1040.65

Find all of the mobile data packages at Ncell data pack.

Similarly, the voice packs available with POS and digital wallets are:

  1. 75 minutes voice pack for 7 days at Rs 62.57
  2. 125 minutes voice pack (free 125 night SMS) for 7 days at Rs 71.51
  3. 160 minutes voice for 7 days at Rs 80
  4. 425 minutes voice pack for 30 days at Rs 204.3
  5. 500 minutes voice for 30 days at Rs 230
  6. 720 minutes voice package (+720 night SMS) for 30 days at Rs 306.46

Read Ncell voice pack

All the prices mentioned above are inclusive of taxes.

When you see the price, you might be confused with the price mentioned for purchase from your mobile phone. The 2100 MB data pack (300MB*7 days) costs Rs 98.99 from this POS method while it costs Rs 97.04 to buy from your balance. Although it seems the cheaper to buy from your own mobile, you have already paid the required ownership charges for such recharge before. But for purchase from the POS or wallet, Ncell has adjusted the price accordingly for the ownership charge.

Besides the convenience, Ncell also prevents the usage of the main balance after the consumption of the package within the validity period, which is quite attractive to many. This feature was already there its special weekly and monthly plan called Mero plan.

How to buy a service pack from POS?

To buy the data, voice pack from POS, you need to

  • Visit the POS for which Ncell has partnered with (Digital wallets PoS)
  • Select a pack of your choice as available on the list.
  • Provide your mobile number and the pack
  • Pay the cash for the pack.
  • POS sends a USSD or SMS request to Ncell for the activation of that pack on the customer number.
  • Ncell activates the pack directly on the customer’s mobile number.

How to buy service packs from digital wallets?

  • Go to your preferred digital wallet.
  • Click on the data pack. You will be directed to Ncell’s various packages.
  • Select one of the packs there and click on buy. Then, it will ask for your mobile number.
  • Provide your Ncell mobile number and submit. In a moment, you will receive the service on your phone.

Ncell product in Khalti wallet

With this partnership of Ncell with Khalti, Prabhupay, and Unipay, we can see how Ncell is exploring the benefits of online payment platforms. Earlier, there was only a top-up service in digital wallets regarding Ncell, but now customers can buy service packs directly via mobile balance, PoS and digital wallets. Before, you need to recharge your balance first and then only use the balance to purchase the data/voice packs either from dialling a code or from Ncell mobile app.

For now, Ncell POS service is possible using the above three online gateways. Hope Ncell will soon expand its service to other online payment platforms and develop even more exciting offers and services. As it misses out eSewa here, the first digital payment platform should definitely be on their radar.

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