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Ncell provides weekly and monthly Mero Plan offer

Monthly and weekly data plan bundles data, voice, video and SMS service.

Ncell has now added the weekly data pack under the Mero plan offer. Now Ncell customers can buy weekly packs with affordable data and discounted call rates. Ncell says the Mero plan fulfills people’s demand for getting data service without any worry about the main balance deduction on data usage. Let’s find out all the details of the Ncell Mero plan offer below.

Recently Ncell also added bonus video data within the Mero plan offer which was Monthly data pack only at first. With the addition of the bonus video data, the customer subscribing to the plan will be able to stream YouTube videos for free. Ncell customers can now enjoy data, voice, video and SMS services at discounted rates with this plan/pack.

Ncell mero plan with the new weekly pack comes into effect from 14 January 2020. They have brought two weekly plans in addition to the already available monthly plan. There are five monthly plans under the “My plan” scheme namely Plan 199, Plan 299, Plan 499, Plan 799 and Plan 999. These weekly and monthly packs allow customers to use data service at a more affordable rate as long as their data volume assigned under each plan is available.

Features of Ncell mero plan

Here are some of the features of “Ncell my plan”.

  • Two weekly plans with data and discounted voice.
  • Five monthly plans bundled with data, voice and SMS service
  • The facility of no main balance deduction after subscribed data pack is consumed
  • Data, voice and SMS service at more affordable rates
  • Free Video bonus data
  • Provision of additional weekly data pack under each plan

In addition to this, customers under these plans can use on-net voice and SMS services at a discounted rate. The interesting feature of the monthly plan is that: after the consumption of the data volume under the plan, there will be no deduction of the main balance of customers. Ncell customers can also instantly buy exclusive 7-day data packs which are only available for the Mero Plan users.

Ncell mero plan is a recurring data plan which does not charge from the main balance.

Details of Ncell Mero plan

Weekly pack

The latest addition to the Ncell mero plan is two offers in Weekly pack, namely 2GB plan and 6 GB plan. With the 2GB Mero plan, Ncell customers can get 2 GB data at Rs 95.77 that can be used for 7 days. Additionally, customers can get a discounted call rate for the on-net call with Rs 1.28 per minute.

Similarly, the 6 GB data pack, Ncell customers get 4GB data volume + 2GB video data at Rs 191.54, valid for 7 days. The 2GB video data works in the same way as the monthly data video bonus, for apps like iFlix, YouTube, iFlix, Ncell video portals, and other Google services like Google Maps, Play store, etc.

Here is the summary of the weekly pack in the Mero plan.

S.N Ncell weekly pack in Mero plan Price in NRs Data volume Video bonus data Call rate/minute
1 2 GB pack 95.77 2GB 1.28
2 6 GB pack 191.54 4GB 2 GB 1.28

The above cost is inclusive of the regular taxes.

How to buy a weekly pack under Mero plan?

To buy a weekly plan under Mero plan, you need

  • to dial *17123# and follow the instruction in there to choose a preferred pack.

Remember the weekly packs under Mero plan will be auto-renewed after 7 days but you need to have enough balance in their account.

Monthly Plan

Plan 199

Customers can subscribe to Plan 199 which has 1GB data and on-net voice service at Rs. 1.28 (including tax) per minute. The cost of Plan 199 is Rs 254.10, inclusive of taxes. If the data volume under this plan is consumed before the end of the validity period then customers can easily subscribe to an additional data pack of 1GB at just Rs. 89.38 (including tax).

Similarly, you get 1 GB free YouTube data for the subscription of this plan, for the same validity.

Plan 299

Plan 299 provides 3GB data volume and on-net voice service at Rs. 1.15 per minute. Customers can subscribe to this pack at Rs. 381.79. After their initial data volume is consumed, you can enjoy an additional data pack of 2GB at just Rs. 127.69.

The free Bonus video data for this plan is 3GB.

Plan 499 and Plan 799

Mero Plan enables customers to choose any of the five monthly plans as per their requirements. Customers can subscribe to Plan 499 and Plan 799 at Rs. 637.17 and Rs. 1020.24 respectively. Under Plan 499, subscribers get 6 GB data volume and on-net calls at Rs. 1.02 per minute. Once the assigned data volume under this plan is consumed, customers can subscribe to 3GB data at Rs. 191.54.

Similarly, under Plan 799, customers can enjoy 15 GB data and on-net call at 89 Paisa per minute. If a customer subscribing to this plan consumes data volume before the expiry of the plan, the user can subscribe to an additional pack of 7GB at Rs. 383.07.

You can get a free video data bonus of 6GB and 15GB on Plan 499 and Plan 799 respectively.

Plan 999

Lastly, Ncell has also included a larger Plan 999 which is for the customers with heavy monthly data consumption. Using Monthly Plan 999, customers can take benefit of 25 GB data volume and make on-net calls at just 64 Paisa per minute.

The cost of Plan 999 is Rs. 1275.62. If the data volume under the plan is consumed prior to the expiry of the Plan, customers can buy an additional data pack of 10GB at just Rs. 510.76.

The free video bonus with this plan is also exactly the same as that of the normal data volume.

Here is a summary of the Ncell Mero Plan below.

Mero Plan Price/Rs. with tax Data (GB) Free YouTube Bonus data On-net voice per min. with tax
Plan 199 254.10 1GB 1GB 1.28
Plan 299 381.79 3GB 3GB 1.15
Plan 499 637.17 6GB 6GB 1.02
Plan 799 1,020.24 15GB 15GB 0.89
Plan 999 1,275.62 25GB 25GB 0.64

Additional 7-day Data pack in Monthly plan

After the consumption of the data volume in the above plans, you can buy an additional 7-day data pack which is specific to this plan only. The data package for each of the Mero Plan offer are:

Ncell Mero plan Additional 7-day data pack (GB) Price Rs. Price with tax
Plan 199 1GB 70 89.38
Plan 299 2GB 100 127.69
Plan 499 3GB 150 191.54
Plan 799 7GB 300 383.07
Plan 999 10GB 400 510.76


The data volumes and resources under those plans are valid for 30 days. Customers who subscribe to any of the five plans can use on-net text/SMS service at just 64 Paisa per SMS. Similarly, each data volume that comes under an additional data pack is valid for 7 days.

Free Video Data bonus

The additional YouTube data bonus can be used for YouTube, iflix, and more Google services like Gmail, Google Maps, Play store, etc.

How to subscribe Ncell my plan?

To subscribe to the Ncell Mero plan, you need to

  • dial *302# and follow instructions to subscribe to any of the listed five monthly plans.
  • To buy the additional data packs, customers can dial *17123# and follow instructions.
  • If you have subscribed to one plan and want to change the monthly plan, you can do it whenever you want from *302#. Just subscribe to the plan you like in there.

How to deactivate the Ncell mero Plan?

To deactivate the already subscribed Mero plan, you

  • need to send a message D to 302 or dial *302*7#.

With the launch, Ncell expresses its delight to introduce customized plans bundling data, voice and SMS service for its valued customers. As per the company, these plans have been unveiled as per Ncell’s commitment to ensure access to more affordable and reliable service. Ncell also believes that the Ncell Mero plan added more excitement to people for the offer, with the addition of more packs and free Video data bonus.

With the expansion of 4G to more areas and its popularity among people, Ncell has increased the data volume option to its customers. The monthly plan from Rs 254 to Rs 1275 suits a different range of people with different requirements, whereas the weekly plan costs Rs 95.77 and Rs 191.54.

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All the plans once subscribed will be auto-recurring every month and every week, only if customers hold sufficient main balance. Even when the plan is not renewed due to a lack of sufficient main balance, customers will continue to enjoy voice and SMS service at the default rate of Rs. 2.54 per minute (including tax) and Rs.1.28 per SMS (including tax), respectively.

Tell us what do you think of the Ncell mero plan in the comment below.

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