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Nepal Telecom Starts distributing ‘Pathsala CUG SIM’ card to Teachers and Students of Public Schools.

Nepal Telecom has started distributing Pathshala CUG SIM cards to students of Community/Public/Government schools. They have brought this free SIM offer with an affordable monthly plan, in coordination with the Center for Education and Human Resource Development (CEHRD). With the SIM card, you can get an attractive package of learning data and unlimited calls among the Closed user group (CUG). Find the details of the Pathshala CUG SIM below.

To facilitate the learning for school level students, the Ministry of Education had earlier formulated a guideline for free or subsidized internet. The purpose was to enable school level students for learning through alternate mediums. To support that guideline, Nepal Telecom brings special SIM for free to make online learning and communication among teachers, students, and parents affordable.

Ministry of education Nepal Telecom NTA Internet offer

What’s in the Nepal Telecom Pathshala CUG SIM?

As per the Nepal Telecom and CEHRD plan, they will include every student, parents, and teachers in a Closed User Group (CUG) for a particular school. Then they shall enable voice service with unlimited talk time in the group at Rs 99. Similarly, they will get 5GB data that they can use to access the learning materials of Sikayi Chautari. The learning portal of CEHRD includes all the courses and textbooks for classes 1 to 10.

Moreover, they will include bulk SMS service to those sim cards.

As the plan is heavily subsidized, Nepal Government, Customers and the service provider (Nepal Telecom) shall bear the cost together.


Here is the summary of the Ntc Pathshala CUG SIM.

  • Free SIM card to one household with students studying at public school.
  • Prepare a CUG (closed user group) for a School among teachers, students.
  • Student plan: Rs 99 per month (VAT/TSC/OT not included)
  • Voice unlimited among the CUG of school
  • 5GB data pack to access learning materials at Sikayi Chautari
  • Bulk SMS service for message delivery through SMS.

If the parents or teachers do not have a Nepal Telecom SIM card, Nepal Telecom shall provide the required SIM card to them free of cost.

How to take the Ntc Pathshala CUG SIM card?

Students and Teachers can take the free Ntc Pathshala CUG SIM. They need to fill a form with a copy of citizenship (either own or parents), ID card, and a photo. Students can take the SIM card on their own names or their parent’s name.

Then the school needs to collect the SIM registration form from the students, teachers and include a recommendation from the local government in the form.

School administration can then visit the nearby Nepal Telecom office to get the SIM card at once.

Nepal Telecom will also provide a Toll free number at a subsidized rate if it is feasible in the Schools location.

Solution for places with no Internet??

As there are places where there is no access to the regular internet, Nepal Telecom shall perform a study to pilot its Wireless broadband project from there only. They will also put an effort to expand their mobile network and Fiber Internet (FTTH) to such locations, if feasible.

Learning through Voice Service and Internet for Schools

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the teaching-learning process has become difficult for the Public/Government/Community schools. The telecom operator had already partnered with Private Schools for affordable data packs like eShikshya pack and Happy learning pack which you can also subscribe yourself.

Now Nepal Telecom brings this subsidized plan for School level students and teachers to facilitate the alternative means of learning. They can either use the normal voice call to interact with the teachers and even access the learning materials at Sikayi Chautari.

As we said before, it is almost impossible to provide free internet to the students for learning. But this kind of subsidized plan for schools however seems feasible and helpful to those who actually seek communication services for learning.

Read about Nepal Telecom Happy learning pack with large data volume for eLearning.

Tell us what do you think of Nepal Telecom Pathshala CUG SIM card and the monthly plan, in the comment below.

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