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Realme Announces 5G Commitments: Focus on Gen Z

Chinese smartphone brand Realme announces 5G commitments to gradually adopt 5G technology across its products.

In an open letter, Realms CEO Sky Li revealed the company’s ambitious 5G strategies. He told that in the next two years, 70% of the products by Realme will adopt 5G technology. He further added that it will commit a massive 90% of its R&D resources to facilitate its 5G revolution.

With the adoption of 5G across its range of devices, Realme intends to become the “popularizer of 5G”. It intends to produce a range of affordable yet high-performance 5G products with trendsetting designs. The company hopes it will make up 70% of its global portfolio within the next two years.

The smartphone giant will scale up its 5G ambition by expanding its market in India, Southeast Asia, and Europe. Later, the company will focus on furthering its 5G product endorsements in 60 additional markets. Li told that Realme will bring a more rewarding 5G experience powered by high speed and low latency service.

Apart from market expansion, Realme will establish seven dedicated 5G R&D teams across the globe and develop 5G pilot testing plans in 10-15 markets in 2021. Furthermore, It plans to allocate 90% of its R&D resources and USD 30 million exclusively for the development of 5G technology, products, and application scenarios based on the unique needs and usage habits of the younger generation.

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Realme’s Growing Clout

Realme is already the world’s 7th largest and fastest-growing smartphone company. It has seen a meteoric rise over the years. Now to make a grander statement, it is bringing its “Dare to Leap” spirit to in its promotion of the fifth-generation technology.

The China-based smartphone giant launched its first 5G device in the form of, X50 5G, in January 2019. Since then it has increased its 5G portfolio with many 5G smartphones of variable price ranges.

Li says, that Realme’s exponential growth over the last two years has seen it “disrupt the highly competitive smartphone market landscape” and will now speed up the furthering 5G expansion worldwide.

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Realme’s Focus on Gen Z For 5G Goals

Realme plans to implement its 5G expansion with Gen Z in focus. Gen Z refers to those born between 1997 to 2015. They are 6-21 years of age in 2021 and are more likely to have a close affinity with smartphones and technology. It is fair to state that Realme’s 5G vision is very youth-centric based on long-term sustainability.

They make for a larger portion of mobile users who interact with their friends online and share content. Gen Z users are on the rise. Realme will adopt “smartphone and AIoT”, a dual approach to empower their the younger generation’s lifestyles with 5G technology.

Realme has plans to establish over 10 5G pop-up stores with experience zones particularly for young people so that they could enjoy first-hand 5G technology. They will be able to witness state-of-the-art cloud gaming, streaming, and ultra HD live broadcasts with AR at these centers.

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Commitment to Performance And Productivity

Realme is keeping no stone unturned in its global 5G revolution. The company is dedicated to innovating and creating 5G phones that will be marked for performance, trend-setting designs, and state-of-the-art features. 

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Realme phones will arrive equipped with the latest 5G processor, enhanced antenna design, and communication modules. The phones will also get a treat with optimized and improved software systems.

Realme will be offering the most advanced and stable cellular network experience but also at the competitive price range as our peers. Its 5G products already have higher compatibility to different frequency bands around the world guaranteeing seamless connection and minimizing power consumption

With its glorious vision, Realme aims to be at the forefront of driving the revolution of fifth-generation cellular technology (5G). Its commitment towards R & D, coordination with various telecom operators around the world, and youth-centric vision would certainly make it a viable force to reckon with on 5G growth in the near future.

The fifth-generation technology is gaining wider penetration and will soon become mainstream. Having a large presence in India means its 5G strategies will surely benefit Nepali consumers too.

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What do you think of Realme’s 5G plans? do you think it will become a major player of 5G in the wake of stiff competition from Western companies and scrutiny on Chinese firms? Let us know your reservations in the comments section below.

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