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NTC Server Is Safe With No Hacking Involved: Says The Company

Nepal Telecom (NTC) says its server is safe amidst speculation that its system came under attack last Monday (July 15). In a statement today, the company confirmed its Call User Data is safe, with no hacking at all. The rumors had been rife that the hackers could have put its user data on sale on the dark web.

The news circulated last Monday (July 12) that a certain group might have hacked NTC’s server. After learning about the possible breach, the company had shut down its system to investigate. There was speculation that the hackers might have stolen Call Detail Records (CDR) of NTC. Subsequently, the fingers were pointed to China’s infamous Tag-22 group but it seems they were all fabricated.

The Statement Says …

‘After receiving unsubstantiated information about a possible attack on our server and data theft, we shut down the equipment suspicious to the attack. The company immediately mobilized a team of experts and carried an in-depth investigation,’ The statement read.

‘The investigation found that none of our equipment was hacked and our user data remains safe,’ NTC has confirmed.

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NTC had estimated that hackers could have gained access to its dated CDMA server. However, it didn’t make an official stand on whether the Chinese group was behind it. After its investigation, the company has found no trace of a foreign attack on its system.

The statement added that the company remains committed to protect its user data and employees adept protective measures to ward off possible breaches into the server.

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Seems the news relating to the hack didn’t have substance after all. We are thankful that user call data remains safe within NTC’s server. Did you have concerns after the news of a possible hack circulated days ago? Let us know what you feel now.

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