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IPv6 Internet Growing in Nepal, Ranks 3rd in South Asia

Internet Protocol Version 6, aka IPv6, is use is growing in Nepal and contributing significantly to the region. As per the regional IP Address Registry APNIC, Nepal is staying 3rd in South Asia. The rise of IPv6 signifies Nepal’s improving internet connectivity alongside the bandwidth capacity and better technologies.

APNIC’s record shows a continuous growth of IPV6 in Nepal. In its latest metrics, Nepal’s IPv6 capability reached 26.02% while the IPv4 preference climbed 25.41% as of February 01, 2022. The IPV6 capability stood 12.73% on January 1 2021 while at the time, the preference was 11.84%. Further behind, Nepal’s IPv6 capability was

IPV6 Devices in Nepal CapablePreference
2022 February 26.02%25.41%
2021 January12.73%11.84%
2020 January3.11%2.98%

The current stats seem a milestone when compared to data in early 2020. On January 3 of that year, Nepali internet’s IPv6 capability was just a tiny 3.11%. It also mimicked on the ‘Preference’ which was a tiny 2.98%.

Use of IPV6 in Nepal APNIC 2022

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Nepal’s yearly growth of IPV6 internet protocol has also translated to better numbers in Southern Asia as it ranks 3rd in the rank. And among the ISPs in Nepal, WorldLink sits comfortably atop.

Also the largest ISP in Nepal by the number of subscribers, Worldlink contributed 67.9% of IPv6 of Nepal’s total internet traffic. At second is Classic Tech with 62.05% IPv6 capability. The Butwal-based Palsnet comes at third with 21.88%. Subisu and Websurfer come at fourth and fifth with 7.50%, and 3.44% IPv6 Capability respectively.

ISPsIPv6 Capable
WorldLink Communications67.9%
Classic Tech62.05%
PALS Network21.88%
Subisu Cable Net7.50%
Websurfer Nepal3.44%

Meanwhile, 50.41% of the internet activities in Southern Asia were IPv6 capable against Asia’s 32.69% and the world’s 27.25%. Source.

What is IPv6?

IPV6 is the most advanced Internet Protocol which provides identification and location for computers and other connected devices on the internet. IPv6 comes in contrast with its predecessor IPv4 with the latest bringing support for more devices and increased security. Public Addresses with IPV6 is the future for all connected and sensing devices including IoT.

A key difference between these two is that IPV4 is a 32-bit address, while IPv6 is a 128-bit hexadecimal address. This translates to a higher address capacity for IPv6. It supports more IP addresses for devices and enables a much better connection between them. It also brings better internet security, authentication, and integration.

Nepal’s internet bandwidth has reached 1 Tbps as the ISPs have also launched mega high-speed packages. And this also requires a more efficient internet for the consumers. For this, companies have been pitching for IPv6 internet for a while. As it seems, the Nepali internet space is transitioning from the traditional IPv4 to IPv6.

The data shows that IPv6 is growing in Nepal but it still requires further attention. Because there is an uneven distribution of IPv6-based internet service by the ISPs in Nepal. Except for the 5 companies we mentioned above, the majority of them fare low with below 1%. But it is likely to improve as the current Internet Speed War continues inspiring a great broadband revolution in the country and the internet itself evolves over time.

Which internet protocol is your broadband subscription? Do share with us in the comments below.

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