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The New Ntc Tone While Making a Call Serves a Key Purpose

You may have noticed that you hear a different tone while making a call on Nepal Telecom (Ntc) network. Hearing a particularly different tone before the ring-back tone might have surprised you but there is a reason.

We have been used to various types of information and messages as a ringback tone while making a call to an NTC network. During the pandemic, we heard Covid-19 awareness ring back tone for a long stretch. During the local level election, we hear the one that encouraged citizens to go to vote. All these tones serve a purpose and the one right now is no exception either.

The tone you hear before the call initiates carry important meaning. The tone refers to the time it takes to make a call, in strict terms, Call Setup Time. It is one of the telecom service performance indicators.

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The new Ntc tone during a call carries a meaning

Ntc spokesman Shobhan Adhikari says the tone helps reflect the Call Setup Time.

“We have tried to indicate the time it takes for making a call from one to another number. Prior to this, the tone for the call setup time and after the call started was the same. To differentiate the two, we have added a new tone. This will also provide our customers with a new experience,” Mr. Adhikari said.

The tone lets users keep track of how long it takes to set up a call.

The regulator (NTA) has set the preferred range for the Call Setup Time at 5 seconds or below that. Now, Ntc is allowing the users themselves to check up on whether the call meets the NTA range or not.

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Call Setup Time is one of the key indicators to check on the quality of service by Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). In quality check tests by NTA, most telcos have often missed the set range for the Call Setup Time. However, Ntc adding the tone to help subscribers identify how much it takes to initiate a call is a good start.

What is your opinion on Ntc letting its customers know the Call Setup Time themselves with a separate tone? Do share your opinion in the comments below.

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