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Trackon GPS, an anti-theft vehicle tracking system securing vehicles in Nepal

If you are looking for the best and most affordable anti-theft vehicle tracking system in Nepal, Trackon GPS could be your ideal choice. The newly launched GPS tracking Nepali startup provides full-fledged security to vehicles securing them from any possible theft.

Vehicle theft is a burgeoning problem in metro areas, which the owners face on a daily basis. As per the Metropolitan traffic division, about 1,000 motorbikes were stolen in Kathmandu alone in recent months. But the fear of robbery spans across the country. More particularly, owners get concerned due to the shortage of parking spaces and traffic jams. To combat the issue, an Itahari-based startup has brought Trackon Micro GPS trackers which tick all the right boxes.

Trackon GPS provides real-time tracking at affordable costs to its clients whose rides might face the risk of theft.

To maximize security, the company also integrates the tracking device with a mobile app that allows vehicle owners to monitor their vehicles in real-time through a smartphone.

Trackon GPS features:

Trackon GPS brings smart real-time tracking, geo-fence, and remote engine lock system to promise you uncompromised vehicle security. Find out its key features below.

  • Real-Time Tracking

Trackon GPS allows you to remotely track your vehicle with full-fledged vehicle security.

  • Set Geo-Fences

After you set up the geo-fencing feature, you receive SMS notifications every time you enter or exit the geofenced area. The smart feature can be activated on the mobile app.

  • Multiple Alerts

You get real-time GPS mapping and alerts even for a variation in the speed of your direction. With Trackon, every move and behavior goes unnoticed.

  • Remote Engine Lock

If that is not all, you can remotely lock your vehicle’s engine and incapacitate it from functioning. This feature is available on Trackon Micro Plus.

  • Reports

Besides, you can also check on your vehicle’s reports including its route history, stops, and trips you have taken in the last 90 days.

Kiran Rai, CEO, and co-founder of Trackon GPS says his company is working hard to ensure its devices are rugged enough so that customers get all the features they need for full-fledged tracking.

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What makes Trackon Micro Plus different from Trackon Micro?

Trackon GPS comes in two variants with a few feature differences. For an instance, the remote engine lock feature is accessible on the Plus version. The system sends SMS alerts to the vehicle owner when an unauthorized person tries to access the car which allows the remotely situated owner to lock the engine on the mobile app.

Other details

The Trackon Micro and Trackon Micro Plus devices have dimensions of L83mm*W23mm*H12.5mm. They come with one SIM card and one year of data. Devices can be activated or installed without any hassle.

Compatible with most of the vehicles

Trackon GPS works on both two-wheelers and four-wheelers. It is equally useful for normal vehicle owners as well as companies.

Trackon GPS features services

Trackon plans to work with logistics and Delivery companies to keep track of the vehicles that these companies use for deliveries. Through its advanced GPS tracking, shipping companies can accurately estimate the time of delivery and pickup by tracking the distance traveled by their vehicles.

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Trackon GPS price and availability in Nepal

You can easily buy Trackon GPS systems from e-commerce sites in Nepal, including Daraz, Sastodeal, Okdam, etc. Trackon Micro is priced at Rs 7990 and Trackon Micro Plus comes at Rs 8990. Additionally, you can also earn discounts and offers on Trackon depending on special occasions.

Trackon GPS vehicle trackersPrice
Trackon Micro PlusRs 8,990
Trackon Micro Rs 7,990

Due to its efficient service at a slightly lower price than Trackon Micro Plus, Trackon Micro is one of the most popular GPS trackers on the market. The Trackon Micro is a compact and highly effective tracker in Nepal.

If you need more information about the Trackon Micro GPS, do let us know in the comments below.

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