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Nepal spent 12 billion on phones in 5 months of FY 2079/80

Nepali distributors spent a total of Rs 12 billion on importing mobile phones in the first 5 months of the current Fiscal Year (FY) 2079/80. The Customs Department data show that mobile phone traders brought in over 2 million units of devices from various countries during the period.

The data pertains to mobile phones imported into Nepal from Shrawan to the end of Mangsir of FY 2079/80.

As per the Customs Department, Rs 12 billion, 39 crore, 48 lakhs, and 14 thousand were spent to import phones. During the period, 20 lakhs, 32 thousand, 5 hundred, and 27 units of phones arrived in Nepal.

In total, smartphones dominated phone purchases. Out of the 20 million handsets, 8 lakhs, 3 thousand, and 818 units were smartphones. They cost Rs 11 billion, 20 crores, 80 lakhs, and 96 thousand for importers.

Rs 1 billion, 16 crores, 19 lakhs, and 63 thousand was spent on other handsets which brought in 12 lakhs, 20 thousand, 1 hundred, and 83 units.

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Most Phones came from China and India during the first 5 months of FY 2079/80

Nepal imports the majority of its phones from China, India, UAE, Vietnam, etc.

As per the report, China represented the highest number of phones that came to Nepal. 5 lakh, 70 thousand, 380 units came from China. This cost trader Rs 7 billion, 59 crores, 50 lakhs, and 63 thousand.

Similarly, 2 lakhs, 28 thousand, 396 units of devices came from India for Rs 3 billion, 20 crores, 83 lakhs, and 6 thousand with the rest coming from 48 other countries.

Phone imports in the first 5 months of FY 2079/80Unit of mobile phonesSpending
ChinaOver 5.7 lakhRs 7.6 billion
IndiaOver 2.28 lakhRs 3.2 billion

Nepal imported phones from 50 countries in the first 5 months of FY 2079/80.

Smooth phone import after the band ends

As the Nepal government ended its ban on phone imports, traders must have finally found relief. After mixed results of the ban on phone import, the government lifted the restrictions on phones that cost $300 or above in early December 2022. The government had placed a ban on ‘luxury phones’ and other products with an aim to control dwindling dollar reserves. But after 8 months the government lifted the ban.

The restriction meant mobile phone business couldn’t excite the market even during Dashain. But now, Nepali phone traders and distributors can expect their phone business to run smoothly after having consistently protested the ban.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Price In Nepal
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra | A representative phone whose popularity proves Nepal’s diverse market nature where not just affordable phones but also high-end handsets are hugely sought after by the consumers

It also means flagship devices can enter Nepal now. Although a veritably mid-range phone is dominant, Nepali consumers also buy high-end phones from Apple, Samsung, and other smartphone brands. iPhone 14 Pro Max and Galaxy S22 series are hugely popular in Nepal.

But beware that when you buy a phone, it should be registered in MDMS. Nta is fully implementing MDMS from Poush 15 and will block telecom services on phones which are not recorded in its system.

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How do you see the government ending its controversial phone ban in Nepal? You can share your opinion on its pros and cons in our comments section below.

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