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Best Internet Deals on Daraz 11.11 2022, Packages and Cost

Daraz 11.11 2022 has the best internet deals for you. Nepal’s prominent internet service providers have placed exciting packages on the year’s biggest online shopping campaign bringing a combination of TV, internet, and IPTV right ahead of the Football World Cup for you. By subscribing to any package, you get high-speed internet, TV, and IPTV to complete your home connectivity this November.

From the ongoing campaign, you get internet and TV, IPTV under 200 Mbps, and above-200 Mbps packages. Depending on the offer, you get dual-band ONU, Mesh system, and other possible benefits.

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Besides, you also get additional discounts using voucher codes HIGHSPEED1111 and TVMAWORLDCUP when you spend a minimum of 13,000 and Rs 30,000 respectively on your internet payments. It is also highly recommended that you use credit and debit cards for prepayment which gets you extra discounts and savings during your shopping spree on Daraz 11.11 2022.

WorldLink, Nepal’s largest internet service provider has offered many 200 Mbps internet plans on offer on Daraz 11.11 2022. Some of these packages are for new customers only, while others apply for existing ones too.

Best internet deals on Daraz 11.11 2022 with both TV and internet

During the ongoing Daraz 11.11 2022 campaign, you can purchase internet packages that come with both TV & internet. The packages are targeted at Football fans for the upcoming Football World Cup. If you want to watch the World cup matches live on a LED TV, and have access to high-speed internet at the same time, you can choose one of the packages below. Besides, you get a LED TV at an affordable cost in combination with broadband and an IPTV subscription, so don’t miss the opportunity to have it all.

Depending on your speed and TV choices, you can opt for a package. Classic Tech has offered a 100 Mbps internet package with a Videocon 32-inch TV for 6 months. The combo costs Rs 25,999 and comes with an IPTV subscription. Likewise, WorldLink brings you a combination of a 200 Mbps internet package and a Yasuda 43-inch LET TV for Rs 44,492. The internet offer is valid for 12 months and comes with a NETTV subscription.

CG Net has offered different combined packages during the 11.11 campaign. You can subscribe to a 75 Mbps package that comes with a 32-inch CG Smart TV. The whole deal comes for Rs 18,514 for 3 months. The validity if a trial period and you can renew the package later if you are satisfied with the broadband performance.

Or you can spend Rs 40,878 and get a 130 Mbps internet package and a Full HD 43-inch CG TV for 12 months. It brings all internet, TV, and IPTV to your home. You can find all the TV & Internet combo on Daraz 11.11 2022 in the table below.

Best Internet Deals on Daraz 11.11 2022
Internet & TV
SpeedTVDiscounted costValidityRemarks/Other Benefits
Classic Tech100 MbpsVideocon 32-inchRs 25,9996 monthsComes with an IPTV subscription
WorldLink200 MbpsYasuda 43-inchRs 44,492 12 monthsComes with 1 NetTV/for new customers
CG Net75 MbpsCG 32-inch Smart TVRs 18,5143 months (trial internet)Comes with Dual-band router
CG Net130 MbpsCG 43-inch Smart TVRs 40,878
(Buy Now)
12 monthsInternet+TV+IPTV
WorldLink 200 MbpsYasuda 43-inchRs 43,49212 monthsComes with 1STB/for new customer
Classic Tech100 MbpsVideocon 32-inchRs 29,50012 monthsComes with an IPTV
CG Net130 MbpsCG 43-inch Smart TVRs 30,3793 months (trial internet)Dual-band router, 90 days package
CG Net350 MbpsCG 43-inch Smart TVRs 47,66212 monthsInternet+TV+IPTV

200 Mbps packages

If you are a new customer, you can subscribe to an annual package for Rs 13,116 against its original cost of Rs 14,738. With the discounted cost, you are getting an 11% concession on the flagship internet package. The offer is valid for new customers only.

If you want a Mesh system for a larger area of your residence, this is the time to grab one package on offer. You can buy a 12-months annual subscription of 200 Mbps for Rs 16,707. You get an 11% discount here as well and bring one IPTV service as well. Likewise, you can also subscribe to a 3 monthly package for just Rs 14,422 which brings 1 IPTV and an advanced Mesh beacon setup. You can find the rest of the available packages below.

Best Internet Deals on Daraz 11.11 2022 200 MbpsOriginal costDiscounted costValidityRemarks/Other Benefits
WorldLinkRs 14,738Rs 13,116 (11%)
Buy now
12 months200 Mbps For new customer
WorldLinkRs 18,772Rs 16,707 (11%)
Buy Now
12 months200Mbps+1 TV & Mesh Beacon
WorldLinkNARs 16,625
Buy Now
6 months200Mps+1 TV & Mesh Beacon
WorldLinkNARs 16,27212 months200Mbps+1 TV/renewal customer
WorldLinkRs 17,272Rs 15,372 (11%) Buy Now12 months200Mbps+1 TV/ new customer
WorldLinkNARs 12,8656 months200Mbps+ 1 TV/new customer
WorldLinkNARs 9,5406 months200Mbps for New customer
WorldLinkNA17,77212 months200Mbps+ 1 TV/ Nokia Beacon router-renewal
WorldLinkNARs 14,4223 months200Mbps+ 1 TV/ Mesh beacon- new customer

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Above 200 Mbps internet packages

Besides, Daraz also has above 200 Mbps packages from various ISPs available on its 11.11 2022 campaign. CG Net has a 350 Mbps high-speed internet plan for 3 months. It cost Rs 6,397. The only shortage could be the lack of IPTV here. But for those whose requirement is only for the broadband service, the package is ideal.

CG Net also has other packages that combine both broadband and TV service. For one, if you pay Rs 20,042, you get a 350 Mbps internet package, and an IPTV subscription for a year.

Fiber Internet users of ISPs in Nepal

You can also choose the best internet deals from other ISPs. Vianet is offering a 300 Mbps package for 18,405 for an annual subscription. It brings a ViaTV and dual-band ONU for world-class internet and TV experience. Likewise, you get 3 ViaTV subscriptions with 300 Mbps internet for Rs 19,405 (11% off). You can find the rest of the packages below.

Best Internet Deals on Daraz 11.11 2022 (Above 200 Mbps)SpeedOriginal costDiscounted costValidityRemarks/Other Benefits
CG Net350 MbpsRs NARs 6,3973 monthsInternet only
WorldLink250 MbpsRs 21,388Rs 19,035 (11%)12 months2 TVs/new customer
Vianet Ultra-Fi300 MbpsRs 20,905Rs 18,405 (12%)12 monthsViaTV/dual-band ONU
CG Net250 MbpsNARs 14,72912 monthsInternet only
CG Net350 MbpsNARs 18,12012 monthsInternet only
CG Net350 MbpsNARs 20,042
(Buy Now)
12 monthsInternet + IPTV
CG Net250 MbpsNARs 5,6573 monthsInternet only
Vianet250 MbpsRs 17,515Rs 16,015 (9%)12 monthsInternet+ViaTV/dual-band ONU
Vianet250 MbpsRs 18,515Rs 17,015 (8%)12 monthsInternet+ViaTV
Vianet300 MbpsRs 21,905Rs 19,405 (11%)12 monthsInternet+3 ViaTVs/dual-band ONU

The above packages are for 200 Mbps and above 200 Mbps packages. The packages combine high-speed fiber internet, a dual-band router, and an IPTV subscription. The Football World Cup 2022 is approaching soon, and you may want to ensure fast internet connectivity as well as a digital TV subscription to have the games at your disposal.

Check out the internet deals from the Popular ISPs:

Tell us which internet deals are the best for you available on Daraz 11.11 2022 campaign.

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