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Nepal Ranks 10th in the World for Cheapest Per 1 GB Data Cost

Nepal has ranked 10th on a global list of the countries for the cheapest cost per 1 GB of data while securing the 2nd spot in South Asia, the latest report by shows.

The price comparing site derived the conclusion after measuring 36 separate data plans by Nepali service providers.

In the list, Nepal stood 10th in the global list of countries for the cheapest per GB data. The report shows that internet users in Nepal pay $0.27 (approx. Rs 35) on average per 1 GB data. The rank places Nepal in the list with Israel, Italy, France, Uruguay, etc. where data cost is the cheapest.

Meanwhile, the report shows Israel as having the cheapest cost for 1 GB of data. In Israel, subscribers pay only $0.04 on average which becomes 5.11 in NPR.

CountriesCost per 1 GB data
San Marino$0.14

At second comes Italy. The European country pays only $0.12 per GB data which is just over Rs 15 in Nepali currency. Another European country San Marino follows third where it costs just $0.14 (around Rs 18) to consume 1 GB data. India also features in the top 10 list at fifth with $0.17 cost per 1 GB of data.

Nepal and India are the only two Asian countries to feature in the top 10.

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Nepal stands 2nd for the cheapest per 1 GB data cost in South Asia

The top 10 global ranks also helped Nepal retain 2nd position in South Asia for the cheapest internet. India which ranks 5th on the global list takes the pole position among its neighbors.

Sri Lanka joins Nepal at second with the same cost of $ 0.27 for the cost of one GB of data. Bangladesh pays $ 0.32 on average for the same amount of bandwidth. Similarly, Pakistan and Bhutan respectively pay $ 0.36 and $ 0.39 on average. Afghanistan shows to be paying $ 0.9 on average meanwhile, Maldives pays the highest in the region with $2.30 for 1 GB data. The cost converts above Rs 293 in Nepali currency.

SNPer 1 GB data cost in South AsiaCost per 1 GB of data (in $)
5Sri Lanka0.27

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Still costly and ‘unsatisfactory’!

While the report by does give us a positive impression of the 1 GB data cost in Nepal, it might not excite many. The reason? Because the data cost is still fairly costly if we compare how much we pay in local currency and then there is the undeniable factor of Per Capita. For example, Israel pays the lowest for 1 GB of data at just $ 0.4. In Israeli currency, it translates to just NIS 0.15 (shekel) for them.

Likewise, second-placed Italy pays € 0.12 in Euro which is their local currency. In San Marino, people pay the same amount in lira (0.14) for 1 GB of data as in the USD. Needless to say, European countries have a high Per Capita Income compared to Nepal and India.

Nepal’s current Per Capita is $ 1,049.68 compared to Israel’s $ 39,913. This means, despite looking fairly cheap, per GB data cost is grossly expensive in Nepal from an economic perspective. We can theorize that Nepal’s per GB cost is still very high as the purchasing power of Nepali subscribers pales in comparison to Europeans’.

In addition, the mobile service quality of Nepali service providers has often drawn underwhelming results adding to the frustration.

On the surface, the per GB data cost looks pleasing for Nepal, but the variables make it difficult to convince.

How do you see this report in comparison to your mobile data bills? Do you find the costs cheap or expensive? You can share with others in the comments below.

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