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Online learning VS Classroom learning: Pros and Cons

Among many important sectors affected by the coronavirus, one of the most important sectors that have been impacted is the education system. Along with the start of quarantining and social- distancing, we have come across new experiences of “online learning”. This is because all of the teaching and learning activities have been going on online nowadays. 

Due to the fear of the pandemic, people have started staying indoors mostly. As a result, online classes are being conducted through various apps like Zoom, Microsoft teams, Google meets, etc. With the means of the internet, students are able to continue their learning activities by staying inside their houses. The only necessary equipment for online studying would be a stable internet connection and a space to study. This method of learning is very different than how our parents studied or how the people of previous generations went to school. 

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Many years ago, people went to “guru ashrams” to receive preaching. They stayed in the ashrams for days and dedicated themselves to the service of their “gurus”. This system continued and with the passing of years, schooling came into practice. Classroom learning is regarded as the most common form of teaching and learning technique almost everywhere around the world. However, the current circumstances have caused students to stay inside their houses and receive education online. So, how effective do you think online learning is in comparison to traditional classroom learning?

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Let’s discuss both the advantages and disadvantages of online learning over classroom learning.

Advantages of online learning

  • One can take online classes anywhere, anytime, and in any set of conditions. You can access it from your house, car, or any location with an internet connection. The classes can also be conducted at any time feasible by the students and the teachers because they don’t have to travel or reach any destination. Also, during serious times when one cannot go out of their houses or has to stay in quarantine, they can access online classes by just staying inside their rooms.
  • Online learning helps in time management and saves a lot of time. With no added time management for traveling to the school, students and teachers save a lot of time. 
  • Online learning is cost-effective. When a student goes to school, there will be expenses for the transport facility, food, etc. However, while learning from home these expenses won’t be necessary.
  • Online learning increases the efficiency of students. A student doesn’t have to invest his energy to travel to school and come back from school. He/She can sit in a comfortable private space and study attentively. This also helps to keep the self-motivation high for the students ae. and they enjoy their learning experience.
  • Online learning helps to enhance the technical skills of students. They learn to set up their own learning environment at home by managing the internet connection and the study app. This will help to build a lot of confidence in them and they become independent to some state. Also, they become accustomed to working with mobile phones, laptops, and computers from a very young hers age.

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Online classes might be very helpful to some students who often feel anxious to speak up in a social environment and within the public. While learning online, it might be easier for these students to put their queries forward and understand the matter in a more detailed manner. This is because they might feel like they are interacting individually with their teachers and gain more confidence.

  • Online classes help you stay along with the teacher and their points. This doesn’t happen while you are in a physical class as you can get distracted and lose your teacher at some point. However, while studying online, the recordings and slides will help you get back to the points you had missed.
  • Online learning is more effective when studying slides, presentations, bar- diagrams, grafts, or figure diagrams.

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Disadvantages of online learning

  • The most important disadvantage of online learning is the increment of screen time for both the teachers and the students. It might invite various other problems like eye strain, eye diseases, irritation, headaches, etc. This negatively impacts your health. 
  • The physical activities are minimal while you are studying online. This might again cause you to become unhealthy and dull. If a student doesn’t take short breaks, he/she might find it difficult to concentrate and online classes might become dreary or tiresome.
  • Online classes offer no physical communication and interaction. It is very difficult to maintain self-motivation when you don’t interact with your friends and cannot share things with them.
  • Online classes often lack a student feedback mechanism. Unlike the classroom, the teacher cannot keep track of the activities of his/her students. So, it becomes very difficult for the teacher to know whether his/her students have completely understood the topic or not.
  • Online learning can create problems when there is an electricity cut-off or when the internet connection is not stable. The student might miss important points or topics if such circumstances occur.
  • Some students fool both their parents and teachers when their studies are going on online. Though they might seem present in the class, they mightn’t be listening to the teacher and not paying proper attention. Some students might even bunk or miss some classes by bringing up fake excuses.
  • It is very easier to get distracted when you are studying online. You might want to check your phone, social media accounts and pay less attention to your teacher.
  • Online classes and online homework might make you lazy and less disciplined regarding your studies. 

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These are some of the most notable points to consider when you are studying online. So, which do you think is the more effective way of learning, online learning or classroom learning? Let us know in the comments below.

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