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Top useful apps for students to learn online

The current COVID-19 pandemic has caused lockdowns in many parts of the world which brings a break in the teaching and learning process as well. In such a situation, online learning has become the only way to acquire education. Apart from that, in today’s world, a student doesn’t study as the way they did a few years ago. With innovation, things like smartphones, PCs, Laptop has been an integral part of students. They prefer to educate themselves through these platforms rather than traditional methods.

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Here are some best and useful mobile apps that may benefit the students in their studies and e-learning:

Google apps: Gmail, YouTube, Google Classroom:

Google Apps
Google Apps

These are some apps provided by Google Inc. Google is one of the biggest companies in the world and there is a large number of people who use its products. Due to its higher reach, it allows students to connect with each other as well as teachers.

Students can get access to study materials for free on YouTube. They can remove their doubts and confusion by accessing different sites by searching on Google. Using the search engine, you can get reliable and authentic information/knowledge.

Students can use E-mail service provided by Google; ‘G-mail’ which is the most popular e-mail services and discuss new ideas and attach files and documents which allows sharing of information.

Google Classroom is one app that is particularly designed for students. Personally, I find this app very interesting and fun to use. Your teacher actually creates a class with study materials and more. You get your assignment over there and the teacher would also assign the marks on the basis of your work.

Khan Academy

Khan academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization founded by Sal Khan in September 2008. You can access their site through the web; or you can simply install their app on Android and Apple devices.

They provide short lessons in the form of videos. They also provide interactive learning platform from pre-primary level to graduate and post-graduate level. Its content is mainly provided in English but it is also available in several other languages. One of the main advantages of using Khan Academy is that all its contents are absolutely free.

You can choose your area of interest and study and learn accordingly just as I have selected subjects in the picture above.

Microsoft Office apps: Office, Powerpoint, Excel

Microsoft Ofiice
Microsoft Office

Digital files and documents are becoming ever more important in today’s world as compared to the past. The majority of the documents come in the form of Text files, Spreadsheets, and Presentations. Microsoft Office is a must-have application for all the students today. You can even say, it’s the bare minimum requirement of students today.

You can create your file, display it on presentation, share files with your friends with no worries. Microsoft is one of the most popular companies around the world and its files are easily portable. Almost every institution in today’s world makes sure that all of its students are capable of using these programs.

Ebook reader


Ebook reader
Ebook reader

Books are going digital. This is no doubt about it. Although you can never replace an original book, the popularity of ebooks is increasing day by day. One can learn at any time, at any place just accessing through the smartphone. The vast information could be carried in your small pocket; thanks to the technology.

The Ebook reader supports .epub and .pdf files. You could either buy ebooks or download it for free. Students could widen their knowledge by reading books of their interest. It is also one of the beneficial apps for students.



Udemy is an online learning platform aimed at professional adults and students. This e-learning platform has more than 30 million students and more than 50,000 instructors. It mainly provides video lessons but also provides text files and tests for students depending on the instructors.

There are wide areas of subjects which you can learn over here. The lectures are provided in 6 languages. The courses are not for free but, you could find free courses that are provided self by the instructor in various Facebook groups. As you could see in the above image, I have enrolled in 2 courses. E-learning is becoming popular day by day. So, applications like Udemy are beneficial to students of today’s time.



There are many applications available on Play Store or App Store where you can write down your notes and tasks to do. You could use the default Notes on your smartphone as well. If there is anything important tasks to do or if there is something important you need to write down, then notebook applications are beneficial.

In case you forgot some tasks you have set for you, it automatically reminds you of that. It is so beneficial for students today since they could easily forget about their work or get distracted from what they are about to do. Other apps for this purpose are, Evernote, Google Keep, etc.



Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging app where you could transfer files without any data limits. There are many messaging apps out there like Messanger, Viber, WhatsApp to name a few which could be beneficial to students as well. The difference is, in Telegram, you could share the study materials with others without any data limits which makes it suitable for messaging applications for resource sharing among students.


zoom learning
Attending a webinar through Zoom.

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing service that you can use to virtually meet with others. Mostly it is used by large corporations to organize video conferencing and meeting. It is getting extremely popular as an online teaching platform as well amidst COVID-19 wrecking havoc. It’s really beneficial for students to attend classes at home which would not break the teaching-learning chain.

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While you spent a huge amount of time in the teaching/learning process, you should be careful about your mental health. Find out if seeing a therapist online can help you feel better?

So, these are some of the applications which are beneficial for students. There could be some additional apps according to the interest of the student. However, the majority of the applications are beneficial to students of all levels, backgrounds, or areas of study. I hope you guys would make your lockdown productive with the internet by learning something new today.

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