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Top 5 Features of Android 13, the Latest OS from Google!

Android 13 Beta is out for Google-owned Pixel devices. The new iteration of Android is coming with some minor and new improvements. Initially available for Pixel phones, this new version will roll out for other devices. Let’s check the top 5 features of Android 13 in this article.

Android 13 Logo

Top 5 Features of Android 13

New Material You Color Schemes

The latest OS version is bringing new Material You color schemes. Vibrant, Expressive, and Spritz are the names of the color schemes. The new UI brings more personable customization options such as wallpaper-based color palette controls and new animations too. Now users can customize non-Google apps to match their phone’s wallpaper theme and colors, turning the home screen more unique and visually appealing.

Material You color Schemes
Material You Customizations

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Swifter QR Scan Service

QR scans have taken the storm worldwide. From quickly scanning websites, and payments, QR codes have been an integral part of today’s digital world. Android 13 is placing the QR scanner on the toggle for easy and quick access. Users can swipe down the notification tray and tap on the QR scanner toggle. So, users don’t have to download a separate app for QR scanning.

Android 13 Fast QR Scanning
Android 13 Fast QR Scanning

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Native Bluetooth LE Support

The new Android version features native Bluetooth LE support too. Its full form is Bluetooth Low Energy which was announced in 2020. Bringing newer advancements in the wireless audio arena, Bluetooth LE users will experience lower energy usage. It lets the users enjoy the same quality of audio, and has the ability to simultaneously stream to multiple headphones and speakers. With the support, Android 13 is also ensuring better Bluetooth connections.

Bluetooth LE
Bluetooth LE

New Clipboard Feature

Clipboards have been very useful for us to get things done by copying texts and numbers. It saves time for the user. With this latest Android 13, users are getting a new and revamped clipboard feature. Now, when the users copy or cut a text, it will show a new alert box in the lower-left corner. The box shows the text you have copied and you can also edit by tapping on the pencil icon. And then, the latest edited version can be pasted.

Android 13 Clipboard
Android 13 Clipboard

Improved Notifications

Google has also emphasized notification improvements on Android 13. Now the installed apps won’t be able to show notifications without the user granting it permission. On every app installation, a permission pop-up will be shown from which one can choose to grant or not grant the permissions. It is indeed an effective solution to tackle unwanted notifications from apps.

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About Android 13

Apart from the aforementioned features, the new OS is also coming with multiple new features. There is also multilingual support for various apps and sections. You can now use your several preferred languages for a better linguistic experience. Furthermore, there is HDR video support on third-party camera apps and an updated media output. switcher. Likewise, for visually impaired users, Google has also included braille displays for Talkback and more on Android 13. Although these are not drastic improvements over Android 12, still it’s making the OS better in some ways for sure.

This new OS is currently in the Beta stage and is exclusively available for Pixel phones for now. However, big players in the market such as Oppo have also announced ColorOS13 Beta based on Android 13. The Chinese tech giant is planning to release it in August 2022. Similarly, other smartphone companies are also preparing to launch a Beta version soon. Some have already posted the list of devices that will be getting Android 13.

The OS is widely popular across the world due to dozens of OEMs opting for it. However, there remain a lot of device models still running on older gens of Android. While the case is not the same with iOS, its counterpart. Android smartphone makers should also stick to providing timely updates and bug fixing.

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So, what do you think about the top 5 features of Android 13? Which Android version is your device running on and are you satisfied with your smartphone company? Feel free to comment down your views, thoughts, opinions, and experiences in the comment section below.

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