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Tuddrom BN18 Wireless Earphone Review | A Perfect Earphone For Girls

Recently, we just dropped the Tuddrom D8 Sport Bluetooth Earphone Review. Yet, we still had another review coming your way. Along with other accessories, Tuddrom had also sent us BN18 Wireless Earphone. So, this article is all going to be about the Tuddrom BN18 Wireless Earphone Review.

The Tuddrom BN18 Wireless Earphone is also called Miss Bean. It’s a simple and sleek-looking Neckband styled Wireless Earphone designed for females. The company developed the BN18 Wireless Earphone whilst keeping females’ listening needs in mind. In this Tuddrom BN18 Earphone Review, we will thoroughly talk about the device. So, with no further delay to do, let’s get rolling.

The GoodThe Bad
Simple and Sleek DesignSometimes feels imbalanced because of the design of the very small buds
Clear vocals and good treble in the musicNot so good bass
High-Quality material usedIsn’t loud as other earphones
Balanced Sound

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Tuddrom BN18 Wireless Earphone Review

Sleek Design and Fit

This is the part that all females want; Sleek and Fashionable design. Well, Tuddrom just delivered these both aspects in this product. Furthermore, the company released the BN18 Wireless earphone in three beautiful colors; Red, Pink, and Black. What is more interesting is that all these three colors represent something.

The red color represents the strong, bold, passionate, and energetic personalities of females. Plus the Lips logo on the earphone represents the Red Lips of Marilyn Monroe. Moreover, the Pink color represents Fairy’s Smile which refers to every female’s beautiful smile. As for Black’s color, the reason behind it and what it represents is undisclosed. Plus, we got the earphone in Black color and it was sick.

The Black color finishing on the BN18 is shiny and matte-like at the same time. Also, the multifunctional button has a faint black color that blends in perfectly. However, the most beautiful part is a small Flower-like logo. Nevertheless, the BN18 can blend in with outfits beautifully. Females will be able to rock these earphones as one of their fashionable accessories.

The weight of the earphone is perfect and feels very comfortable when it sits around the neck. The buds are very small in size that making it comfortable to put in the ear even while laying on the pillow. Tuddrom BN18 features three sets of Silicone Ear tips. Two are of medium size while one is of large size.

Small-sized Silicone Ear tips were small to me So, I always used the large ones. Might be because I’m a male who was using a female dedicated earphone. The buds sit comfortably in the ear. It never hurt my ear even though I used it for 3-4 hours straight during work. It also comes with IPX5 Water/Sweat certification, so water and sweat were never a problem to me.

Sound Quality and Other Features

Talking about the sound quality, it’s good in terms of delivering clear vocals. The 6mm Sound Drivers work at their best here. Nontheless, the treble level on these earphones is perfect. However, it feels as it lacks bass in music. But for watching movies and series, it’s perfect because of its clear vocal and treble level.

Also, these earphones aren’t quite od as other earphones. Might be because this is what females prefer. The Silicone ear tips seal the ear canal with the right amount of pressure in the ears that making the overall sound experience of the earphone a little better. Plus, the mids and lows in music and videos are very good.

However, there’s one thing I disliked. Every time when you turn on, turn off, connect or disconnect these earphones. The voice instruction first comes in English and follows up in the Chinese language also. Hearing the Chinese language right after English always became a hassle to me.

The BN18 earphones have all the little features that D8 Sport Bluetooth Earphone lacked. Like the blinking of LED during Turing On and Turning Off is there. Plus, you get a voice prompt when you Disconnect the earphone. When charging you get the Blue Light in LED indicator while fully charges you get the Green Light indication.

Now, let’s talk about multifunctional buttons. You have options to change your tracks and change your volume. Plus, in the middle, you have a Power button to Turn On or Turn Off the earphone. You can feel it when you press these buttons and pressing the buttons gives a very satisfying feeling.

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Battery & Connectivity

The BN18 Wireless Earphone packs a 160maAh battery that promises over 12 hours of continuous music playback. During my test, I used these earphones for about 6 hours with no problem at all. It used about 30-40 Percent of juice during that time. Henceforth, 12 hours of continuous music playback wouldn’t be a problem for BN18.

I was really impressed with the battery life. The company even claims to have 480 hours of standby time once the earphones are fully charged. Coming to its charging capability. It has a decent charging speed that every average Wireless earphone has. Charing it via a MicroUSB cable was no problem.

As for connectivity, I used the BN18 with my smartphone and laptop. Its Bluetooth 5.0 integration works great. The connection was always strong and I never got a connective issue during the Tuddrom BN18 Wireless Earphone Review. But I felt a bit of seconds latency while playing PUBG and PES 2021.

For lady gamers out there, this set of headphones aren’t for you. But for normal females who only use earphones to watch YouTube videos, movies, or listen to music, latency wouldn’t be an issue. There’s no sign of latency while doing normal activities, but when you shift to the gaming zone, you can surely feel it.

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What’s in the box?

The packaging is just cool. When I saw the box first time, it looked as if an expensive chocolate box was in front of me. And when I was told it was an earphone, it felt like a premium earphone. The packaging and the box are that good. Plus, because of my Black color finishing, the black box was just a piece of beauty.

Inside, first, you get the manuals. All the goodies are wrapped in a ribbon-like paper that is in the bottom. You will have to pull this ribbon paper from any side. After you pull the paper ribbon and manual, you can see all the good stuff.

There’s a sponge that covers all the inside of the box and has cutouts to keep stuff in it. There’s an earphone cutout where the earphone is kept. Also, at the bottom, there’s a box cutout where a MicroUSB cable, extra pair of Silicone Ear Tips are kept. Overall, the unboxing experience felt like that of a premium earphone.

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Tuddrom BN18 Wireless Earphone Review Conclusion

Currently, the Tuddrom BN18 Wireless Earphone Price in Nepal is set at just Rs. 2,499. Considering this price, the earphone and their features are reasonable. It’s only targeted towards girls so it becomes a perfect choice for girls.

As for men, it’s their choice to buy one or not. However, giving BN18 Wireless Earphone to sisters would be a good move. You can buy it via Daraz, or at your nearby retail stores. Or else, you can gift it to your partner or mother during special occasions.

Hope we have delivered all the information regarding the BN18 Wireless Earphone that you were seeking. If we have missed out on anything or you have some questions to ask, please leave it down on the comment box, we will come to you with answers. Until the next article, See You Again!

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