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Tuddrom D8 Sport Bluetooth Earphone Review; Is it Worth the Price?

Tuddrom is putting serious pressure on other smartphone accessories manufacturers in Nepal. Its introduction in the earphone category has been a hit lately. Furthermore, Tuddrom’s 2nd Anniversary Offer has increased its sales. Luckily, we got our hands into the Tuddrom D8 Sport Bluetooth Earphone. Henceforth, we are presenting you with the Tuddrom D8 Sport Earphone Review.

Tuddrom D8 Sport Bluetooth Earphone is a Bluetooth earphone focused on using during workouts, gym sessions, jogging, and other sports activities. So, the built quality of this earphone is solid and features IPX5 Water/Sweat resistance. Let’s check out what are the Tuddrom D8 Sport Bluetooth Earphone’s Good and Bad parts.

The GoodThe Bad
Very Comfortable to wearNot much good bass
IPX5 Water/Sweat ResistantDoesn’t say connected after connecting but only says connecting while pairing
Good Battery BackupWire shifts more towards the control button part
Good Connectivity LED doesn’t go red while off, but only goes blue when on
Charges fast

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Tuddrom D8 Sport Bluetooth Earphone Review

Design & Fit

The Tuddrom D8 Sport Bluetooth Earphone boasts an Ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to wear. Plus, the extended ear hook rests on the concha of our ear that ensuring the earphone never falls during intense workout sessions. Even after when I put on the earphone for 2-3 hours straight, my ears never hurt nor felt discomfort.

Of course, the fit is amazing and the comfortability is on another level. Nevertheless, it has just the right weight and never fell off when I ran or jogged during the mornings. Not to forget, the build quality of this earphone is top-notch. The wires are just right thick, the control button module feels solid and so do the earbuds. Even the material used on ear hook and ear tips feels of very high quality and super soft.

I was never worried about sweat or water because the earphones are IPX5 Water/Sweat-resistant. Another good part of this earphone is that it has magnets on each bud that can stick together when not in use. I used these magnets while I needed quick rest during my workout sessions. I simply stick the buds together and leave them on my neck.

There’s one little issue in the design though. The control button module is placed below the right bud. The weight of the control button module lures more wire to the right side so I had to adjust the wires a couple of times. But while jogging or running, you won’t get this issue because the wire also goes up and down those times. It’s only while you walk. Overall, the design, fit, and comfort of the Tuddrom D8 Sport Bluetooth Earphone are amazing.

Sound Quality and Other Features

Now let’s talk about the most important thing on any earphones or headphones, the sound quality. Tuddrom has integrated 8mm Drivers on each bud to deliver good sound quality. However, the sound quality that comes out of this earphone is not that good.

Bluntly to say, it’s kind of average. That might be because of the cheap price that it bears and focuses more on build quality and comfort rather than high sound quality. The bass isn’t there, I never felt it. But the vocals are very clear on songs and videos. The thing that’s very balanced in this earphone was treble, it’s just right.

If Tuddrom had worked on providing a little bit of bass, it could be just great. Also, I have noticed little things. While pairing, it says Connecting but it never says Connected when connected. The other thing is in the LED light on the Control button module. While turning on, it emits blue light but when turning off, it doesn’t emit any light. Emitting red light would have been very good. Because all earphones and accessories work that way.

However, the Control button module performs very well. With the three multifunctional buttons, I could change music tracks, change volumes and receive or reject calls with ease. Talking about calls, the mic is built-in and rests in the Control button module. Furthermore, the Call experience with this earphone was average, the voice come out clear but the sound during calls aren’t that good.

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Battery Backup & Connectivity

There’s a 73mAh battery inside the Control button Module that juices this earphone. Tuddrom claims these earphones are able to provide up to 6 hours of non-stop music playback. But during my test, I have used these buds for up to 4-5 hours only and I never ran out of juice during this time.

It lasted through the day when I wanted to use it. For an average person, it can continuously perform and an average person should go through a day with it. As for people who will only use it during workouts and walks, you can go through two days of usage. However, I would recommend it charging it once a day.

Also, charging the earphone is very fast. It can juice up at a pretty decent speed. A micro-USB port is fitted inside the Control button module. The battery charges via a micro-USB connector and you can use your normal smartphone Charging Adapter. As for cable, you can use one that comes in the box with the earphone or your normal smartphone micro-USB connector cable.

While charging, the LED turns red and after it charges full, it goes blue. Now let’s talk about connectivity. The earphone comes with Bluetooth 5.0 because of which it offers strong connectivity. However, when it comes to latency, it’s a second late. You can easily feel the latency while playing PUBG or PES 2021. As for when watching YouTube or movies, there’s no latency.

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What’s in the Box?

Even though the Tuddrom D8 Sport Bluetooth Earphone only comes in Black color, the packaging and box are very colorful. The blend of Yellow, Blue, and Black with other accent colors looks very eye-pleasing. Also, the picture of the earphone in the box feels a bit like a shiny sticker that takes attention easily at the first glance while holding the box.

Inside the box, you get the very earphone itself, a User Manual, and a micro-USB Cable. Expect this stuff, you get a little sticker-like paper where there are two tips written for you. The two tips are:

  1. Please ensure the device is fully charged before use.
  2. Only use the appropriate charges under 5V – 2.1A.

Tuddrom has really worked hard when it comes to packaging. This truly makes the overall experience of unboxing great for normal consumers as well as for tech enthusiasts. Huge kudos to Tuddrom for this effort.

Tuddrom D8 Sport Bluetooth Earphone Review Conclusion

The big question still remains, is it worth the price? I say with my experience, for me, it totally worths every penny. Currently, the Tuddrom D8 Sport Bluetooth Price in Nepal is Rs. 2,159. You easily buy it via Tuddrom Nepal Official Website or Daraz. If you are thinking of buying one of these, then you totally get one. The build quality, the comfort, and the price tag, those all aspects scream value for money.

My experience with the earphone has been great and we would like to Thank Tuddrom Nepal for sending us such value-for-money accessories. We hope this article has provided you with all the information you needed regarding the Tuddrom D8 Sport Bluetooth Earphone. If we have missed out on anything, please let us know in the comment box down below. We will get back to you with the answers you desire. Until next time, Thank You!

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