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NT Fixed phone calls @ 1 rupee per minute.

(Posted on Sept 2012) Nepal Telecom has adjusted its fixed phone tariff to make it the same flat 1 rupee per minute across the whole country, removing the STD service in the Landline phones. This new tariff comes after NT made their STD calls from Landline to Mobile a local one, some two months back. With which, the calls made from landline to mobile are all local.

The new tariff is valid for fixed phone calls from PSTN, CDMA fixed phone, VSAT to PSTN, CDMA fixed phone, and VSAT. This shows that NT is going to make all calls of the same tariff across all services for the whole of  Nepal. Rs 1 tariff is quite easy for people to understand and calculate the expenses accordingly.

It is also known that the four-minute per call and eight-minute per call facility in land-line phones in the morning/evening and night periods are going to be removed after the enforcement of this new land-line (Fixed phones) call.

Removal of STD charges

Earlier there used different charges for calls made to different districts which is also called a trunk call or STD. Each district has its own district code like the 01 is for Kathmandu and 010 for Dhading. So making a call from Kathmandu to Dhading is expensive than making a call within Kathmandu (Local call).

Now after the implementation of this new call tariff, calls made from one part of the country to another part (no matter which district or zone) will be the same Rs 1 per minute.

This is a great move by the telecom operator in providing affordable telephone service to people, which removes the burden of STD charges to the people. But be aware, the calls made to different operators like other SIM mobiles, satellite phones are different, you can check all of the voice call-tariffs in Nepal Telecom.

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