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Some FAQs about WiMAX in Nepal.

As we posted about the WiMAX test in Kathmandu, people were so curious about WiMAX that they kept on asking us in our facebook page. Here are some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about WiMax in Nepal. Hope it quenches your queries. If you have more queries, you may add your questions below in the comment.

FAQs of WiMAX in Nepal

What is WiMax? What is difference between WiMAX and Wi-Fi?

Wimax is a Wireless Broadband Access technology for data communication and can provide up to 40 Mbps max speed. WiMax Network is for Wide Area Network (WAN) whereas Wi-fi is just a Wireless LAN (Local Area Network).

How can we use Wimax for fast Internet?

You need to have a WiMax CPE/Modems or a WiMax USB dongle, connected to your Laptop/PC to get the service. There are some WiMax supporting handsets/Smartphones and even laptops but they are not quite popular.

Is NT the sole provider of Wimax in Nepal?

As NTA provided WiMax frequency spectrum in 2.3 GHz to Nepal Telecom for free, they are the first one to launch the service. But once the license and frequency are auctioned to the private ISPs by NTA, they will also be providing the service.

What is the price of WiMax CPE/Modems in Nepal?

It depends on the sensitivity, indoor/ outdoor and the Wireless speed that connects between CPE/Modem to Computer. But a normal one costs around Rs 5000.

What is the tariff of Internet for WiMax in Nepal Telecom?

They have 10 GB to 1 TB volume package that costs at least Rs 800. ( more price details here. ).

Is Wimax available in the whole of Nepal (from Terai to the Mountaneous Regions).

Nepal Telecom is operating WiMax in Major cities and outskirts only. They are extending it to some more places.

What is the speed that end users get from WiMax?

It depends on distance from the WiMAX base stations. Now the operator is providing data packages of a broadband, which is in  speeds of 512 kbps and more in Mbps.

What are the other services WiMax can provide other than internet service?

Other Services that an operator can provide are VOIP Calls, Video Conferencing, tele-medicine and whole sale services to banks, government offices or corporate houses.

If you have any queries, feel free to ask about Ntc WiMAX.

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