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How to deal with losing mobile phones or stealing in Nepal?

As the mobile phone price grows heavy with the eye catching features, there is more chance of getting it stolen. Phones ranging from a medium level smartphone to the flagship, are most likely to be stolen. Even if such phones reach someone unintentionally, there is very less probability that he/she will return it. So people carrying smartphones must be careful in handling your phone to prevent stealing, also you have to act precisely in case it gets stolen. People even complain to operators with no valid document after it is lost or stolen. Here are some of the tips you have to keep in your mind for mobile phone lost or stealing.

IMEI number

As the phone is prone to be lost anytime, you have to save the phone model and the unique IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number somewhere. As operators could track or even black list a phone with IMEI, you have to keep the IMEI of the phone along with the proof that it belongs to you. Even the phone box carriers the IMEI with it.

  • Dial *06# to get the unique IMEI of your phone.

Cloud is the best place to save the text file or the snapshot of the phone box or IMEI. You should do it on the very day, you bought the phone.

Now you can register your phone to the regulator NTA in Nepal.

Use security lock or PIN to lock the phone.

There are some phones with which you can lock the phone with PIN code. It is done so that they could not easily use the phone or take out the private data of yours. Try putting the PIN code if you have it in your phone.

Keep your phone near to you.

Phones are more likely to be stolen when you keep your phone a little far. As you cannot feel the phone, you are not aware when you actually left it to be stolen. Although you put your phone near to you (may be inside your pocket), make sure it fits well inside so that it is not easy to steal or drop on its own.

Install a tracking app.

There are Android, Windows and iOS apps that can track your stolen phone. Some phone with internet connection provides you the location of the phone. Whereas some sends you the mobile number of the new SIM that is used after being stolen through SMS.

Report to Police immediately.

Even if you cared most for your phone, there are some accidents that make you loose your phone. Once the phone is lost, do not panic. First thing you need to do is report that to Police, which can be used later as an evidence to show it to the carrier or to claim your insurance.

Disable your SIM.

You should be careful in handling the lost SIM. If your lost mobile gets in to the hand of a criminal, you may be responsible as the number is registered on your name. So after having registered of the phone lost, disable the SIM card from the security number you have or contact your operator, instead of waiting for him/her to pick up the phone.

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Contact your operator.

Some operator even directly entertain the lost phone complains. They will help you get the phone after filing a complain and a proof of owning the phone You need the unique IMEI of your phone. Otherwise you could ask them to black list the phone to be used in their network.

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