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Ncell further reduces data tariff

April 15, 2015: Within a month of reducing the internet tariff to Rs 3 per MB (without any packages), Ncell has further reduced the data tariff up to Rs 1 per MB. Now customers can surf Ncell internet at Rs 1 per MB after using 2 MB of data in a day whereas in case of usage of 1 to 2 MB, the data tariff will be Rs 2 per MB and Rs 3 per MB for less than 1 MB data usage. As the 2 MB data is a very small volume these days, most of the subscribers can get Rs 1 per MB tariff. The new tariff is known to be activated in all of Ncell Prepaid customers and will be valid till Baishak 31, 2072. There is huge outcry among public that Ncell’s internet data is expensive as they compare it with NT’s flat tariff of Rs 1 per MB and So Ncell did make a change in their data tariff according to public’s demand. But it seems like Ncell is testing the tariff for a month period being doubtful of significant degradation in their revenue and will decide to continue the tariff after reviewing the data revenue as a whole.
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