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Death of the Cyber cafe?

There was a time when cyber cafes were the most happening place for internet. As people could not have internet in their home (due to availability or high cost), they prefer to go to Cyber cafe for their access to the information. Cyber cafe is the place for people to use internet by paying some bucks per hour basis. They used the internet for some works, information or chatting or entertainment. That time, cyber cafes were easily found in every corner of a city. It was also ubiquitous in popular tourist places like trekking havens. Then, Cybercafe were the tools to reduce the gap among people with and without internet.

There were ups and downs in the cost of an hour internet in those cafes. It ranged from Rs 50 to Rs 10, in different years. Also it was depending on the speed of the internet and the charge of cafe’s internet service provider.

It is true that people cannot live without internet. Students use it for their course assignment, project works. Lovers hang on to it to be together with their loved ones virtually. Teachers use it for their content preparation, presentation. Professionals use it for advancement in their works. Researcher use internet to find the research works done by others in the same field. People now feel different when they are not able to use internet. And It is always better if they find their information in their own devices.

Now that internet is quite easy to find at home, office or on the go, there are less people who prefer to go to Cyber cafe for internet. At home or friends/ relatives place or offices, you can get WiFi access to your computer, mobile. Sharing of home internet among multiple families is also quite a thing here. Whereas on the move, the cellular network is mostly available. This is due to the mushrooming of Internet service providers at home with technologies like Fiber to the home, WiFi and Cable internet (Combo with TV) and mobile technologies like GPRS, EDGE, 3G, 4G.

Over the years, the mobile data has also become affordable with different range of data packs. The coverage of 3G and 2G internet has extended to several unconnected places. The cost of internet usage at home is constant for each month whereas the cost for mobile data on the move depends on the frequency of usage and content.

Those cyber cafe’s are now available very rarely in the cities. Some transformed it to video parlors, some closed it for other businesses. Even if it is there, business is hard to survive with cyber cafe only. So, they put whole lot of extra items like printing, VoIP international calls, computer accessories and more. The cafe’s are also outnumbered in tourist places as the hotels now either provide free WiFi or charged WiFi in their devices. Which is quite easy for the travelers.

If you are a internet fanatic, can you remember when was the last time you visited a cyber cafe. It is also quite rare that you are reading this post from a cyber cafe.

So does that mean cyber cafe is going to be dead! Yes it is. But still there are some work required for the extension of the internet at every nook & corner and make it more affordable. Otherwise those left out with such technologies and services, have no other option than cybercafes.

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