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Ncell 4G SIM upgrade at Rs 1: Why to?

The reason for 4G upgrade and the process to upgrade.

Ncell has started 4G services in Nepal. Earlier they had teased 4G saying something faster than 3G is coming soon. Some days before launching 4G, they were providing a Free SIM upgrade in the first place. As they have started 4G service now, the free Ncell 4G SIM upgrade is available to their customers. Now the Ncell 4G SIM upgrade will cost Rs 1.

The Ncell 4G SIM upgrade is available from Ncell Centers, in various parts of the country. Ncell starts the free SIM upgrade for their customers, due to the requirement for 4G compatible SIM. Ncell also says 1 GB free data packs will be available with the 4G service.

Now the Ncell 4G SIM upgraded is almost free as they have started to charge Rs 1 for the change of the SIM card to USIM for 4G support.

The new SIM called U-SIM is compatible with the latest mobile technologies like 4G and has more features.  All the data packs and balance amounts in your number will remain the same but the contacts in the SIM will be lost. Do make sure, you take a backup of the contacts before upgrading.

Here are the features of the U-SIM card.

  • More memory 32K to 64K for contacts, messages
  • Smart contact with multimedia features up to 40 contacts
  • Compatible with 4G.

What documents do we need for SIM upgrade?

You will need to carry the documents which were used to purchase the SIM card in the first place. That may include your Citizenship card or any government-identified cards.

I have taken a new SIM recently, do I need SIM upgrade for 4G?

If you have a new SIM card with the Axiata logo on it, you don’t need to upgrade. That means your SIM is U-SIM and is already compatible. Type q and send it to 324 for checking if your SIM supports 4G. If you get a reply for 4G support, you do not need to change your SIM.

Read here for the process to activate 4G and the first 4G offer.

SIM is not registered in my name. How can I upgrade?

If you have been using the SIM card for more than 3 months, then you can collect the call details of the last 6 months (any 10 numbers) and visit the nearest Ncell center to verify it along with your citizenship and a photo. The SIM ownership will be changed in your name. After this, you can upgrade using your own documents.

We hope this article is useful for you to upgrade your current SIM to 4G compatible SIM. If you have any queries, contact us or comment below.

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