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iPhone price reduces in Nepal

The authorized distributor of iPhone in Nepal has slashed the price of iPhone here. Generation Next Communication, (Gen Next in short) the authorized distributor of iPhone for Nepal notifies of the price reduction in Nepal.  It is known that the latest price of iPhone 7 32GB in Black is Rs 86,000.

Previously the price of the same iPhone 7 32 GB black was Rs 93,000. Similarly, the 128 GB version of iPhone 7 in different variants are now priced at Rs 99,800 which was Rs 1,07,500 before. The 256 GB iPhone 7 now cost Rs 1,12,000 which was Rs 1,21,500 before.

The iPhone 7 plus price in Nepal for 32 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB are at Rs 1,05,00 , Rs 1,19,000 and Rs 1,32,000. The price cut ranges from around 5 thousand to 7 thousand.

The other recent version of iPhone like iPhone 6, 6s price have also been slashed.

Old price vs New price

Here is a table for the old price and new price of the  iPhone.

S.N.PhonesOld PriceNew Price
1iPhone 7  
 32 GBRs 93,000Rs 86,000
 128 GBRs 1,07,500Rs 99,800
 256 GBRs 1,21,500Rs 1,12,000
2iPhone 7 Plus  
 32 GBRs 1,10,000Rs 1,05,000
 128 GBRs 1,25,000Rs 1,19,000
 256 GBRs 1,38,000Rs 1,32,000
3iPhone 6S 32 GBRs.78,000Rs 72,800
4iPhone 6 64 GBRs.70,000Rs 68,000
 iPhone 6 128 GBRs 88,000Rs 78,000
5iPhone SE 64 GBRs.62,500Rs 52,500

The phones purchase include 1 GB of free monthly Ncell data for 6 months, back cover and temper glass for iPhone 7 and 7 plus. You can contact the Gen Next for the more details, availability and more offers including installment available for all iPhones.

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